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About Aeschylus :  “Aeschylus was an ancient Greek author of Greek tragedy, and is often described as the father of tragedy. Academics’ knowledge of the genre begins with his work, and understanding of earlier Greek tragedy is largely based on inferences made from reading his surviving plays.” Wikipedia

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Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.
Wisdom comes through suffering. Trouble, with its memories of pain, Drips in our hearts as we try to sleep, So men against their will Learn to practice moderation. Favours come to us from gods.
Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.
My will is mine...I shall not make it soft for you.
I gave them hope, and so turned away their eyes from death
The reward of suffering is experience.
Words are doctors for the diseased temper.
It's not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath
In our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.
It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted.
Unanimous hatred is the greatest medicine for a human community.
His resolve is not to seem, but to be, the best.
Only through suffering do we learn
Time, as it grows old, teaches all things.
There is no sickness worse for me than words that to be kind must lie.
I know how men in exile feed on dreams of hope.
Who, except the gods, can live time through forever without any pain?
Death is softer by far than tyranny.
ATHENA: You wish to be called righteous rather than act right. [...] I say, wrong must not win by technicalities.
A great ox stands on my tongue.
He who learns must suffer.
We spoil ourselves with scruples long as things go well.
She looked just like a painting dying to speak.
In visions of the night, like dropping rain, Descend the many memories of pain
The moving light, rejoicing in its strength, Sped from the pyre of pine, and urged its way, In golden glory, like some strange new sun...
PROMETHEUS: 'Oh, it is easy for the one who stands outside the prison-wall of pain to exhort and teach the one who suffers
[Hermes addresses Prometheus :] To you, the clever and crafty, bitter beyond all bitterness, who has sinned against the gods in bestowing honors upon creatures of a day--to you, thief of fire, I speak.
And there they ring the walls, the young, the lithe. The handsome hold the graves they won in Troy; the enemy earth rides over those who conquered.
But the lust for power never dies- men cannot have enough. No one will lift a hand to send it from his door, to give it warning, 'Power, never come again!
Bastions of wealth are no deference for the man who treads the grand altar of Justice down and out of sight.
When one is wise, it's wisest to seem foolish.
Wisdom comes alone through suffering.
Alas, poor men, their destiny. When all goes well a shadow will overthrow it. If it be unkind one stroke of a wet sponge wipes all the picture out; and that is far the most unhappy thing of all. -Cassandra
The gods! long since they hold us in contempt, Scornful of gifts thus offered by the lost! Why should we fawn and flinch away from doom?
Bethink thee of the adage, 'Call none blest, till peaceful death have crowned a life of weal.
But there is a cure in the house, and not outside it, no, not from others but from them, their bloody strife. We sing to you, dark gods beneath the earth.
Sorrow with me, Sorrowful one! Tell me, whose voice proclaims Things true and sad, Naming by all their old, unhappy names, What drove me mad--
CLYTEMNESTRA What ails thee, raising this ado for us? SLAVE I say the dead are come to slay the living.
In war, truth is the first casualty.
Hear the sum of the whole matter in the compass of one brief word — every art possessed by man comes from Prometheus.
At home there tarries like a lurking snake, Biding its time, a wrath unreconciled, A wily watcher, passionate to slake, In blood, resentment for a murdered child.
They came back To widows, To fatherless children, To screams, to sobbing. The men came back As little clay jars Full of sharp cinders.
Neither the life of anarchy nor the life enslaved by tyrants, no, worship neither. Strike the balance all in all and god will give you power.
Every medicine is vain.
FURIES: Over the beast doomed to the fire this is the chant, scatter of wits, frenzy and fear, hurting the heart, song of the Furies binding brain and blighting blood in its stringless melody.
It is always in season for old men to learn.
Let me attain no envied wealth, let me not plunder cities, neither be taken in turn, and face life in the power of another.
A world of wealth is trash if men are wanting; men who have no wealth never find fortune smiling as their strength deserves.
There is no sickness worse for me that words that to be kind must lie.
I have not need to promise what I cannot do.
Give me an answer which is plain to understand.
We should know what is true before we break our rage.
Death is a softer thing by far than tyranny.
For many among men are they who set high the show of honor, yet break justice.
When a man's willing and eager the god's join in.
It is an easy thing for one whose foot is on the outside of calamity to give advice and to rebuke the sufferer.
Old men are always young enough to learn, with profit.
Only when man's life comes to its end in prosperity can one call that man fortunate.
For it would be better to die once and for all than to suffer pain for all one's life.
It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered.
Nothing forces us to know What we do not want to know Except pain
For somehow this is tyranny's disease, to trust no friends.
Tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.
It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish.
Memory is the mother of all wisdom.
"It is a light thing for whoever keeps his foot outside trouble to advise and counsel him that suffers."
"It is an ill thing to be the first to bring news of ill."
"What atonement is there for blood spilt upon the earth?"
"And though all streams flow from a single course to cleanse the blood from polluted hand, they hasten on their course in vain."
"Only when a man's life comes to its end in prosperity dare we pronounce him happy"
"Words are the physicians of a mind diseased"
"But time growing old teaches all things."
"It is an easy thing for one whose foot is on the outside of calamity to give advice and to rebuke the sufferer"
"I know how men in exile feed on dreams."
"Time as he grows old teaches all things."
"There is no sickness worse for me than words that to be kind must lie."
"A god implants in mortal guilt whenever he wants utterly to confound a house."
"Ah, lives of men! When prosperous they glitter - Like a fair picture; when misfortune comes - A wet sponge at one blow has blurred the painting."
"I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery."
"From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow."
"The anvil of justice is planted firm, and fate who makes the sword does the forging in advance."
"There is no disgrace in an enemy suffering ill at an enemy's hand, when you hate mutually."
"We shall perish by guile just as we slew."
"What exists outside is a man's concern; let no woman give advice; and do no mischief within doors."
"What good is it to live a life that brings pains?"
I, schooled in misery, know many purifying rites, and I know where speech is proper and where silence."
"Time brings all things to pass."
"By polluting clear water with slime you will never find good drinking water."
"Excessive fear is always powerless"
"When a match has equal partners then I fear not."
"What is there more kindly than the feeling between host and guest?"
"Don't you know this, that words are doctors to a diseased temperment?"
"For the poison of hatred seated near the heart doubles the burden for the one who suffers the disease; he is burdened with his own sorrow, and groans on seeing another's happiness."
"Obedience is the mother of success, and success the parent of salvation."
"Who apart from the gods is without pain for his whole lifetime's length?"
"Everyone's quick to blame the alien."
"In every tyrant's heart there springs in the end this poison, that he cannot trust a friend"
"Everyone, to those weaker than themselves, is kind"
"It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath"
"Memory is the mother of all wisdom"
"Excessive fear is always powerless."
"The man whose authority is recent is always stern."
There is advantage in the wisdom won from pain.
Zeus, first cause, prime mover; for what thing without Zeus is done among mortals?
Suffering brings experience.
To learn is to be young, however old.
They sent forth men to battle, But no such men return; And home, to claim their welcome, Come ashes in an urn
There is no avoidance in delay.
I know how men in exile feed on dreams
Call no man happy till he is dead.
There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.
Rumours voiced by women come to nothing.


Aeschylus Quotes in Hindi


दुख के माध्यम से बुद्धि अकेली आती है।
युद्ध में, सबसे पहले सत्य मरता है।
खुशी एक विकल्प है जिसे कई बार प्रयास की आवश्यकता होती है।
वर्तमान दुःख में आनंद की स्मृति के रूप में कोई महान दर्द नहीं है।
समय सभी चीजों को पास करता है।
स्मृति सभी ज्ञान की जननी है।
जब तक वह मर नहीं जाता तब तक किसी भी आदमी को खुश मत करो
एक महान बैल मेरी जीभ पर खड़ा है।
मेरे लिए किसी बीमारी से बदतर नहीं है कि मैं झूठ बोलूं।
शब्द रोगग्रस्त मन के चिकित्सक हैं।

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