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Apology Letter to Friend : Hello, In this post we share with you best Apology Letter to Friend and lover. If you looking for best Apology Letter to Friend  then here you can find top Apology Letter to Friend . If you will apology for your mistake it can save your relation and your friend and partner definitely forgive you. Now if you are ready to say Apology Letter to Friend then you can use our best Apology Letter to Friend to make more effect your sorry message.

This is the best way to save relations by saying sorry never take time to say sorry because some time sorry can save your relation even sometime can save your life. This is this best collection on the internet of Apology Letter to Friend even you can use this message for partner, friend , and loved once. You can copy and messages by click on copy button and send through any social media.

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Apology Letter to Friend

My dear friend,

I know that no matter what I say, it will be very hard for you to believe me after all I’ve done. Even coming here trying to apologize is selfish, but here I am. I have a burning desire inside me to let you know how sorry I am for everything I’ve done, and beg you for forgiveness. You are far too important to me to just let you go like this. All the good times we’ve had together, all the times you’ve been there for me in time of need, all the things I’ve learned from you that will remember for as long as I live, all the times you’ve made me laugh when I thought I could not be happy. You are a gift not only to me but to humanity. And to lose that amazing gift over some silly attitude in the heat of the moment is something that I will not allow myself to happen. I know that I am the last person you want to talk to right now, but I hope you can forgive all the immature and selfish actions I’ve done, and continue being my friend in the future.

your Friend.


Dear {Friend Name},

Where do I even begin? I suppose saying “I’m sorry” is a start.

I’m sorry.

Looking back, I can’t believe that I {state offending action}. But I suppose hindsight is always 20/20. It was stupid and I wasn’t the friend that you expected me to be. Even if I explain my actions, it still doesn’t justify that I {said/did} some pretty hurtful things.

I hope you can forgive me for what I did and put this matter behind us. I treasure our friendship and all the things we’ve done and been through. And hopefully, what transpired can become one of those incidents that make our bond stronger than ever.

If you have anything on your mind regarding this, please feel free to share it. I promise to listen before I speak. It’s the least I could do if you’re willing to forgive me. You know how to contact me. I hope you do.

Your friend,


My dearest friend,

You know how much I hate fighting. Especially when that fight is caused by something I did. My repetitive acts of selfishness have caused me to lose the only friend I have ever cared so much about. Even though you have been extremely tolerant of my foolish actions throughout the years, it appears that you finally had enough. Yet, I am going to do one more selfish act, and not allow this friendship to end for something like this. I know I have been a horrible friend, but I value our friendship more than you could ever imagine. All the things I’ve gained by having you as a friend over the past years are things that are going to stick with me for the rest of my life, and a friend that can offer you that is very hard to come by. You have always been the mature person between the two of us, so the only thing I am asking you is to think this clearly, knowing that I need you in my life, more than I want to admit. So please, my dear friend, forgive me, and I promise that I will make this friendship worthwhile for you.

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