100+ Cool Birthday Messages for Friend and Family

Cool Birthday Messages : Today in this post we will share with you best Cool Birthday Messages for girl, boy, sister, brother, father, mother, friends, teacher and family. So here you can find all Cool Birthday Messages in same place so lets read out the our best Cool Birthday Messages for you to enjoy and wish to your birthday person in unique way so they can be impressed and make them for happy.

Cool Birthday Messages is the best way to celebrate birthday and put smile on birthday person.  Birthday is so special day for every person and they want to it celebrate in unique way that why you looking for Cool Birthday Messages. Do not worry we are here for your help to make this day a special in your life.

All Cool Birthday Messages are can be used for celebrate of birthday. You can share this all birthday wishes by just click on copy button and send to through any social media app like WhatsApp or facebook etc. So this is gonna fun to celebrate birthday with our wishes.

Let’s start to real best collection of Cool Birthday Messages..

Cool Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday! Go ahead – snuff out the candles. I have the fire department on speed dial.
Real friends remember your birthday but forget your age. I remember both, but I can’t count higher than 20.
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! This is the oldest I’ve ever known you, and you look great for your age.
Friends don’t let friends celebrate alone. Wanna share a Coke or something? Happy Birthday!
Wisdom comes with age. Happy birthday, you who are among the wisest of the wise.
May your blessings always exceed your age. Enjoy your birthday, and may you have many more to come.
You know you’re getting old when all you want for your birthday is not to be reminded about it. This is coming from a place of love – Happy Birthday!
You’re not getting old; you’re just aging like fine wine and premium cheese. Best of birthdays to you!
May calm seas and bright sunshine define the rest of your voyage. Happy birthday and may there be many more to come!
Some people let their age define who they are. You, on the other hand, are defined by ignoring your age and doing what you love. Way to go, and Happy Birthday!
Some people get their way by being bossy. You get your way because it’s your birthday. Have a beautiful day! You deserve it.
What’s a ship without a captain? What’s a team without a leader? We dread the thought, but you deserve to take it easy today. Happy birthday to a great boss.
It’s your birthday. Dance like no one’s watching. (We promise to keep it off YouTube until next week.)
Very few women will admit their actual age, believing that age is a state of mind. Very few men act their age because life is too short to worry about faking maturity. Guess who has more fun. Happy birthday to someone who knows how to enjoy life!

You know you’re getting old when you walk around a puddle instead of walking through it. May you never forget the joys of puddle jumping. Happy Birthday!

That strange glow on the horizon, could it be… your birthday cake? Happy birthday from my corner of the world to yours. Forget the past; it’s over. Don’t worry about the future; it is out of your hands. Ignore the present; there isn’t one, but I did remember your birthday. Happiest of birthdays to a cool dude.

Each year, your birthday brings renewed hope, new plans, and more wins in the game of life. Happy birthday and keep on rocking!
There’s a big difference between growing up and growing old: One is mandatory, and the other is optional. I’m sure you’ll figure it out at some point. Happy birthday to someone who knows how to have fun.
May this day come again and again, May my heart sing this again and again, my wish you live a long happy life.
Happy birthday my cutie pie. One more year has gone off from your life, may you live 1000’s of the happiest year. Happy birthday.
Be happy, be cheerful, take a long breathe and enjoy your birthday.
Birds are chirping, buds are blooming, winds are flowing, clouds are making noise and the lovely green trees are here to say you Happy Birthday.
When you are happy, it feels like the whole world has been cast with happiness. The sun comes out from clouds and gives life to everyone. Listen to what the wind is saying to you… A very Happy Birthday to You my love.
Birthdays are the trend, you are my best friend, I wish you a very happy Birthday, Enjoy your day with fun till the end.
You are the most amazing person in the world; I love you so much and wish nothing but the very best for you. Enjoy the day dude, you deserve the time off.
Can’t believe a year has passed since we last celebrated this day, do enjoy everything it has to offer. The party never dies.
To the most exciting person in my life, the party is always where you are at. Can’t wait to celebrate this day with you. Happy birthday.
I promise you and I will be together till the end of time, Celebrating your Birthday with a juice of Lime, Chocolate Cake, lots of presents, balloons at the same time Happiness, peace, pleasure and fun always remain lifetime.
My wishes are now gone to meet you; you have become my last happiness, endless love and prayers. Wish you a Happy Birthday my sweet love.
Happy birthday. I wish you spend very beautiful moments and that throughout your life enjoy your day.
Happy birthday with love and balloon
You are the one who stands with me at every difficulty of my life, you are the one who hold my hand at every moment, when I thought I have lost everything, happy birthday to you.
You are the one who wipes my tears, you are the reason of my existence, my smile and my happiness, and you are the shadow of my life’s blistering heat, happy birthday to you.
You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Happy birthday dearest, I hope that all the beauties of the world come to you today and always.
This is the most amazing day in my life; I get to share the birthday of someone as amazing as you. So have a blast man, be cool and be awesome.
You are my strength, and you are my dearest father and I am your naughty girl, saying Happy Birthday to you. Love you a lot. Be with me at every step of life, live a long happy life.
It’s your day, it’s all about you, no one else but you. So put your worries aside and have fun, happy birthday!
Birthdays are the trend, you are my best friend, I wish you a very happy Birthday, Enjoy your day with fun till the end.
You will always have the support of all the people who love you, so I never doubt that all your dreams will come true. Happy Birthday!
We play together, we fight together, we eat together, we sing together, we study together and we sleep together. We are two bodies but have one soul. There is no friend better than you. My sweet twin sister, and there is no better sister than you. With loads of love and hugs. Happy Birthday my bestie.
Your love for me is like nothing else in the world. You are my wings; you are my backbone, my moral support, my happiness and my love. I cannot see tears in your eyes. No matter how old I get, I always want you when I don’t feel good. You my peace, my sweetest mum. I love you. Happy Birthday. May you live happy long life.
Happy birthday. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
My dear parents, you are blessing for me from god, your eternal love is the weapon for me to face the very difficult moment of life. Happy Birthday.
Be happy, be cheerful, take a long breathe and enjoy your birthday.
You are my life, you are my wife. All my wishes are fulfilled by your lovely delightful smile. My heart and my soul are only for you. Happy Birthday to you.
The fun is occurring in this boring place just because of you, everyone is making noise just to say happy birthday to you.
Today is your birthday and that is a great reason to celebrate in a big way and enjoy every wonderful moment that God gives you. Happy birthday baby.
You’re a very special person and I am very happy to have your friendship. You spend a beautiful birthday and you have a lot of success in this new year of life.
Friend of my soul, I find myself away from you, but I want to send you an affectionate greeting birthday and say I love you a lot. Congratulations!
How old are you turning? That aren’t much, I’ve heard people who are older and still know how to turn it up. So let’s turn it up tonight, it’s your bash bro. Have a beautiful birthday.
Awesome days like these deserve awesome people to share it with. So don’t be mean, bring out the cake and Let’s cut it up with you. Have a wonderful birthday.
I admire you because you are very special person, Have a very nice birthday and you’re surrounded by all the people who mean a lot to you. Happy birthday.
Times really do pass fast when you are having fun. Today, put on those dancing shoes, let down your hair and enjoy the night’s breeze. Let’s have a blast and celebrate the fact that you are here and how much we love you.
I feel very happy because I’m on your side, and I want to say from the bottom of my hearty. Happy birthday to you.
Everything you ever wished for, everything you can ever hope for, I just wish they come to you. But as you wait, let’s have some fun and enjoy the fact that you are here to wait.
Dearly, you are the most amazing friend and partner one can have. You got my back always, I will have yours too. So relax, have fun and enjoy your birthday.
Whenever you need me, I’ll be there, call me and I will answer. You are sweeter than honey you are the most awesome person in the world. Happy birthday to you.
On this special day I want to tell you that I am very happy to have your friendship. You’re a great person and you deserve thousands of joys. Happy birthday.
You are the coolest kid in school, but my best friend and the only person I can truly be myself around. I do hope you get to enjoy this day and all the birthdays ahead, I will be there.
Wish you enjoy every moment with the people you really love. Have a beautiful birthday.

If I could I give you the world, it would be in your hands. I hope I am enough for you, for you are the most special girl in my life. Happy birthday!

You should never stop having that great smile that enhances your beauty. I hope you have a nice birthday. Happy birthday to you.

This is going to be a great day, a day of celebration, no sadness no worries and full of cheer. Have fun, the day is yours. Happy birthday.
Great morning, for a great friend, who is going to have a great birthday because I can’t let a great day like this go unnoticed, so get ready to go hysterical!
If I could bottle up all the wishes I wish for you, it would be one ginormous vessel filled to the brim. Happy birthday, and may you get everything your heart desires.
Good luck, good health and great blessings to someone who has lived a charmed life. May good fortune continue to smile on your house. Happy Birthday!
You have touched the lives of countless people and moved so many with your selfless acts. Good people like you are the reason we continue to celebrate birthdays. May your special day be filled with happiness.

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