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Cricket Captions

As far as the World Cup is concerned, it is a process. We don’t want to jump to the 50th floor straight away. We must start on the ground floor.
Cricket as a passion is distinctly contagious.

The final frontier. She’s finally here!! #CheetahtheCricket #CricketsUnderGlass

• Beer is good but cricket is way better. #ICCWorldCup2015

• When your place is feeling like a real cricket match, you might wanna challenge yourself to see how long you can go without making any noise.

• With the IPL10, we’re all in on cricket this season

• When your score’s as big as your smile ? #cricketlifematters

• Throwback to the weekend. ❤

• Great sportsmanship on and off the field – that’s T20 in a nutshell. ^NL

• Let’s play with our photo booth ✋??!

• Get a cold craft beer, crunch on some spicy buffalo popcorn, and enjoy the All-Star game. #Cheers

• Dear fall, please come soon & stay forever. ??

• It’s not just a game, it’s the game.

• Maybe it’s not what we have in life, but who we have in life that really counts.

• Always keep the stumps up, be positive and believe in yourself, chasing your dreams and never give up.

• Last Saturday I got so caught up in a book I forgot about my friend’s visit. IIIIII saw him the next day.

• ~ A Round of Applause ~ Just a moment of appreciation followed by a round of applause:) Cheers!

• Gotta hit that selfie game up with cricket or squirrel action in your captions.

• ♫♬ ♬♪♩ It’s the most wonderful time of the year! #ScoreBigWithCricket

• Cricket Wireless takes care of you today and tomorrow with affordable wireless service that won’t break the bank.

• Keep Cricket on your radar this fall.

• Imagining a future with coffee that comes with a side of cricket content.

• Cricket Wireless: Bring more Google to your life

• The night before the game. @mipaltan #indianpremierleague #ipl2017

• Boom! Another one for the boys. DJ, when did you start playing cricket?

• Just like a great run up the wicket, this Wimbledon championship belongs to the winner. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen. Bravo.

• game day ?

• ? Take a little break from your busy day and do something you enjoy, whether that’s reflecting on the day, catching up with friends and family (or pups), or simply concentrating on an enjoyable read.

• That moment when you flip your phone on and see a new text from an estranged pal. ✔

• The days grow shorter, the weather grows cooler… it must be time to get #BackOutThere.

• This fall we #TackleDisease. Join us in raising funds for research and we’ll match with up to 1 million meals! ?? http://bit.ly/2xSg5f5

• It’s gonna be a great day. I can FEEL it. ? ― Phyllis Diller

• From your local league to the Cricket World Cup, we’re with you every step of the way. ?

• The sweet sound of test match cricket is back! ???

• Here’s your chance to learn the basics of cricket.

• That moment you realize your favorite game is on…#cricketworldcup

Cricket is basically baseball on valium.

Cricket is quite a gentle, harmless game, but he is a lucky man who has not to sweat some blood before he’s done with it.

Cricket is the only sport in the world where you are absolutely horrible at something and you still need to go out and do it.

Cricket to us was more than play,It was a worship in the summer sun.
Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true!

• It’s been a great year playing for the Scorchers. I have loved every moment… To be perfectly honest, I am looking forward to some time off at home with my family and friends. Happy New Year everyone, see you next year

• Not just a summer’s game! Get your last hit in before the clocks strikes 10:00 PM ?.

• ??Yes, sir. That one’s been a while. How’re the wife and kids?

• The game of cricket is played between two teams over a specified period of time. Each team bats in turn, and each turn is composed of one innings by one team. In a match, two innings are played, one for each team. An inning

• There’s a unique vibe at our games that you won’t experience anywhere else. Cheers to the weekend ahead!

• Hey there ? We live to make things simple and easy, so all you’ll have to think about is where your next adventure is headed.

• Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey ??

• Do what you love. Love what you do. _______ #HereForIt

• If the bat and ball are in line, you have a fifty-fifty chance of getting a hit. ~Author unknown

• When you’re so close you can almost see…but still too far away.

• The secret of life, though mastering it is no easy trick. It’s having that one thing you know even when you don’t know it.

• If you have time to go to the gym every day but not enough time to play Cricket, then where will you find the time to lose all that weight #cricketfitness

• We’re pulling out all the stops to take your summer game to the next level. #cricketnation

• Watch the summer out, and welcome in the new one with a fresh approach: with cricket ?.

• From bad hair days to bed head, #cricket will get you covered @.

• All class, not a lot of games. That’s the creed here at Cricket. Really just better overall. #maythetakescourage

• There are so many reasons to love cricket. Today we’re celebrating the fact that this wonderful game can be played any time, any place, and by anyone. (And did you know that each World Cup match is watched in its entirety by around 1

• ~ ? ? ? #cricketradio

• It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just cricket.

I do love cricket – it’s so very English.

If you play good cricket, a lot of bad things get hidden.

Make me umpire, my favorite team will never lose any match.

Many people think life is a game; I think cricket is a game.

You can cut the tension with a cricket stump.

Try to read the mindset of a batsman.
The Test cricket we’ve played over the last few weeks has been of a very high standard.

The only good thing about that decision, Gatt, is that I’ll get tea before you.
Once again our cricketers have flattered to deceive in country.

• Introducing cricket’s most wanted cricket batsman and fielder ? ? !!! …….. #cricket #indiasports

• ? The perfect weekend. No plans and lots of cricket ☀️?

• A quite, relaxing morning at home watching the boys play cricket ? ?

• The best part of cricket is that after waiting six months for a game, you get three hours to make your country proud.

• Thanks, cricket—for eating all the mosquitoes ?

• You miss 100% of the selfies you don’t take ?

• Love a seductive day ☀? (Swipe ➡️ for more ?)

• Watching the game, one run at a time.

• The best feeling when you’re out and about ?☔️

• A great place for families to hang out and have fun together.

• Wicket. Mmmm. DNB.

• This is going to be a real hoot!

• _Good morning, sunshine! _☀

• Grappling hooks. Secret passageways. Evil plots. These are a few of our favorite things ♫‿♫ ǝʇǝlɯu ʎllɐıuıs

• _ _ _ ✌️✌️????? #cricket

• Just like cricket can be enjoyed as a game, so can life. #BePassionateGrit

• Cricket Wireless hits the DL with all the best new Android phones! Only at cricketwireless.com.

• The summer is coming to an end but the cricket season is just beginning! ☀

• The essence of cricket – the thrill, the ecstasy, the drama and the emotion.

• Say Cheeeeeeeeeese! ?? #COACH x @thebodyshopindia

• Live life for each ball, taking the journey one wicket at a time. #FirstClassCricket

• We’re glad the crickets are here. Not the other summer-long sounds that we could do without.

• Keeping it ?

• A big screen moment. A cartoon on the big screen. Innovation at its finest.

• ? I’m obsessed with everything miniature.

Nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe when you watch it on TV, it looks easy. But it is not. You have to use your brain and time the ball.

No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.
If you want fame for yourself, go play an individual game.

I tend to believe that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth.

Everything I know about being a gentleman, I owe it to Cricket.

Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.

Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true.

Cricket to us was more than play, It was a worship in the summer sun.

Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who I am.


• Believe it or not, cricket is a fast-paced sport. Make sure to watch closely: You’re bound to see something exciting.

• A great time to get outside and bask in these warm weather games. How will you spend your peak summer moments?

• Follow us @cricketwireless for your chance to win our grand opening. #UNLEASHED

• Chirping in the fall, but still keeping our head in the game.

• Name’s Bond. James Bond.

• There’s nothing wrong with singing in the shower—but if you sing lesser-known, more challenging songs you’ll improve dramatically. Try A Chorus Line or Sweeney Todd.

• At the end of the day, we’re left with memories #EndOfTheDay

• A wicket maiden from the captain

• Just landed! Checking my phone. Checking the weather. Checking my luggage. Checking for the lights in my house… And I think that’s it! Massage and dinner will be waiting ?☀️

• Center your mind, body & soul.

• Bowled over by their idli’s, paniyaram, dosas and bonda. Cricket serves up everything that is delectable and delightful from the Indian kitchen. ??

• Cricket Wireless gives you strong signals without the surprises. ☀️?

• Early morning cricket session ? #cricket

• Got the perfect cricket game plan, just in time for the summer. Register now to get access to our favorite cricket leagues, tournaments and carnivals! https://cricketamerica.com/cricket-locations/city/san

• Late night cricket..

• Cut the clutter & get to know your fans on Instagram. #Repost @visit_el_dorado

• Watching the cricket, drinking pints and eating fish & chips. Life is good.

• Sweepstakes rules: http://cricketwireless.ca/sweeps/ccce/215-canada-day/?utm_source=direct&utm_medium=homepage&utm_campaign=canada150

• #CricketPower ; POWER STONE = Score

• No team, no worries this summer – just chill and find your own game.

• When you’re a Smudge, you run everywhere you go—but especially when you hear your favorite song. #YouRunIFollow

• Be the ball‬‬

• Ok, we’re not really getting a week of perfect beach days ☀. But it’s still summer in #Entenmanns country!

• “You’re trying to throw me off but it’s not working! I got skills.” ― Odell Beckham Jr.

• When Annabelle has a bad dream, the best pick-me-up is lace and jewels. ?

• Ready to bat! Here are some creative cricket photography captions and cricket Instagram captions.

• Cricket Wireless brings you better plans with no annual contract. Switch to the best Cricket and save money! #cricketnation

• Cricket is quite possibly the most sensible way to watch live sports ? ? #RR17 @CricHQ

• This cricket is our new favorite. #GoTeamCricket

• What does cricket mean to you? It’s passion for life. The passion for a natural product that’s high in protein, iron, calcium and zinc. It’s a passion for being independent and thinking different from the rest of the

• The more you laugh, the longer you live. And cricket is pretty funny. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

• Day 1 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is almost upon us! Here’s a look at our top 5 matches to watch this weekend. #CWC19

Cricket is about a lot more than playing by the rules, Mistry. It’s a gentleman’s game. Don’t you ever forget that.
Childhood without galli cricket is like no childhood.

A cricket ground is a flat piece of earth with some buildings around it.

A Cricket ground is worthless until it has 2 dashing umpires and 22 exciting players.

Champions never sleep, the eternal spirit keep them alert and awake.

Cricket matches are not about losing and winning, it is about enjoying.
I cannot for the life of me see why the umpires, the only two people on a cricket field who are not going to get grass stains on their knees, are the only two people allowed to wear dark trousers.
I enjoy outdoor games but love cricket most.
Life is simply a cricket match, with temptation as the bowler.

Oh God, if there be cricket in heaven, let there also be rain.
Serious cricket is war minus the shooting.

• From the bat to your heart. Love cricket? Follow @crickemmatchlive to keep track of today’s action and catch up on

Test matches bore people, One day matches excite people.
The minute you hesitate you are in trouble.

We lost the game on purpose; it’s just a ruse so that we could trample you in the final.
Winning isn’t everything,,,it’s the only thing.

Yes, it’s right, cricket is a gentlemen games.

I think that a leader is someone that needs to make an impact on and off the cricket field.

I think you enjoy the game more if you don’t know the rules. Then you’re on the same wavelength as the umpire.

If you make every game of cricket a life-and-death thing, you’re going to have problems. You’ll be dead a lot.

Losing in cricket is the great Indian sin.
Stumping by Dhoni is even faster than light.
Sure, luck means a lot in cricket. Not having a good fielders is bad luck.
The hallmark of a great captain is the ability to win the toss, at the right time.
The other teams could make trouble for us if they win.

We don’t need umpire, but I guess white guys need something to do.

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