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Flirty Text Messages for Him : Flirty Text Messages for Him we gonna share with you Flirty Text Messages for Him girl and boy. I shared with you best collection of birthday wishes for your best friends either is male friend or female friend. We also shared funny wishes and heart touching wishes for your bestie friends. Best fiends is play important role in our life because our best friends always help us in bad situation and also involves in our happy moments in our life. friends help to fill our life with memoirs that when we will old age then we realize how much our friends is importance for our life.

There are many types of friends most important friend is our school and college friends because we most of our childhood spent in school and since childhood our fiends become more strong. So if you have your school friends and college friends then you are lucky person because you already done lot of fun with your friends.

Flirty Text Messages for Him we shared best and heart touching Flirty Text Messages for Him in English. You can use our wishes for male friends and female friend or girl friend and boy friend. If your friends birthday is coming then its your responsibility to celebrate your best friend birthday and make this birthday special in your best friend’s life.

So lets find best Flirty Text Messages for Him from given below with image and click on copy button to copy and send them through any social media.


Flirty Text Messages for Him

Flirty Text Messages for Him we shared with you best Flirty Text Messages for Him Girl and Boy to celebrate this special day in your friend life. So lets find from given below.

I’m falling so deep down in love for you. Will you make a move to save me? Or is it just me making up some weird fantasies!

I wish you were a blanket I could buy from the market. Because it’s so cold out here and I’m literally freezing right now!

I know I’m not supposed to text you right now, but my mind just won’t stop thinking about you.

Life is too short darling and I’m already dying for you to make it happen!

I was just wondering if you have any plans for this weekend. Thought we could merge our plans together this weekend! What do you say?

Let’s make our story a fairytale. Be my prince charming. Will you?

I really don’t see anyone worthier than you to spend my weekend with. Because no one can make me happier more than you do!

You are so charming that when I’m with you I feel I’m truly alive. Would you mind blessing me with your company tonight?

It’s a weird feeling that I have about you. I merely know you for a couple of days but it seems so hard for me to not think of you for a single moment!

Last night with you was amazing, except it was a dream. You want me to tell you what happened there?

It just took me a couple of days to discover the gems in you. I must be so lucky for finding you just the right moment in my life.

I am really missing your handsome face right now. Would you mind sending me a pic of it now?

Maybe it’s crazy but can I call you my baby? Let’s just go for dinner after work tomorrow, what say? You pick the place.

Every morning, I wake up wishing I was waking up next to someone as hot as you somehow.

You are the only person in my life that made me go like ‘wow, this man is really so hot!’. I think now you know how I feel about you!

For some reason, my heart beats so fast every time you text. Just wondering why.

I’m probably gonna need glasses from next week. Why? Because I keep staring at the screen waiting for your text.

Flirty Good Morning Texts for Him

Its not just a good morning text. It’s a reminder for you that I’m thinking of you on yet another morning!

On a cold morning like this one, I would really love the company of a hot guy like you. Good morning handsome!

Good morning Mr. Fantastic! Would you mind making my day by sending me a pic of that sweet smiley face of yours?

Funny that you work better than an alarm. I just thought of texting you and immediately moved out of bed.

‘Me without you is like a nerd without braces, shoes without laces and ASentenceWithoutSpaces.’

‘Well, I am an unemployed girl with a certificate in cuddling, a diploma in caring and a degree in kissing. Do you have a job for me?’

‘Excuse me, I just dropped something looking at your pictures again… My jaw!’

‘Your body has 65% water and guess what? I am very thirsty at the moment.’

‘Do you know how much do penguins weigh? Enough to break the ice. Hello!’

A saviour when you’ve had that tiny argument.

I love you as much as I love fries’

‘How you doin?’ *Joey’s sly smile*

I can’t decide what I want more, food or you? Food… No, you. Maybe, food on you!’

‘I am not a photographer, but I can still picture you and me together…in my bed.’

Is the weather getting sunnier and better, or is it just me thinking about you every day I wake up?

I spent 8 hours sleeping and not texting you. I think I missed you even in my sleep.

Just woke up and already felt giddy over the fact that I’m gonna spend my day texting someone handsome like you.

I dreamt of you all night and now I am feeling a huge wave of love for you. I guess my heart is sending me a signal that I’m in love with you!

Good morning, hope you had a night filled with peaceful sleep. I couldn’t get any and I totally blame you for that.

Flirty Good Night Texts for Him

I can do this texting all night long but I don’t want to ruin your nights unless we are sharing the same bed. Goodnight Handsome!

It’s hard to sleep at night when all of me craves for all of you so desperately. I wish you were here with me tonight!

Just a thought of you lying beside me makes me so excited and takes my sleep away at night. I can’t help control myself when I’m thinking of you!

Everyone says the moon’s pretty, but I think it pales in comparison to your beauty.

“I can no longer think of anything but you. In spite of myself, my imagination carries me to you. I grasp you, I kiss you, I caress you, a thousand of the most amorous caresses take possession of me.”

“I know I’m a handful, but that’s what you got two hands for…”

“Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you.”

“If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next.”seductive text messages for her

“You may have history with her but you have chemistry with me.”

“It’s not that I’m horny all the time. It’s just that you’re always f***ing sexy.”

“If you bite my lips or kiss my neck, I promise to rip your f***ing clothes off.”

You really give me that teenage feeling of being in love. You can really be my first love because I’ll erase every memory of the past to start a new life with you.

You must be someone from the future. Because I see my future with you. I’m glad to meet you in the present because we’ll have a lot of time to know each other.

I have a very strange thought tonight. I know someone will win you over someday. Why don’t you let me try? Let’s see where it gets us!

Who needs to sleep at night when you can spend it stargazing with a handsome guy? I know I don’t.

I love going to sleep at night now. As I know, I’m going to see you in my dreams.

How would you like a dinner party at my place tonight? Just let me know if there’s anything else I can appease you with!

Everything about you makes me want to smile like a fool! Let’s meet again on my dream tonight, okay?

What about I reward you with a nostalgic date with me tomorrow? Don’t start thinking about it already! Goodnight, sleep tight!


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