Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Daughter, Sister, Son

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes : In this post you will find out the best collection of Happy 157th Birthday Wishes and Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for son. so doesn’t mater today is your daughter birthday or son birthday you can find wishes for both them. We have more then 100 collection of wishes for your daughter and son to celebrate their birthday.

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes is so special for your as parent this is time when your baby become more mature so lets make this day so special and celebrate it with lot of happiness You are so happy and luckiest person because you have cute baby and now they gonna turn 17 years old that means lot of happiness moment for your life.

So here you can find Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for daughter and Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for son to celebrate their birthday. We also attached some more images to that help to show your feeling though our wishes and images for Happy 17th Birthday Wishes .

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes

17 years ago, you started a new life journey which today has reach another important stop. It’s your 17th birthday, darling! Wish you a good time and even better time on your journey after birthday party!
Today it’s all about you, my beautiful daughter. Thank you for making my life so amazing in a million ways. Let your b-day party be a special gift from us to you. Have fun and go crazy!
A fine stone was born 17 years ago; I wish you all the good things’ life can afford. Happy 17th birthday. Have fun.
Happy 17th birthday to our fantastic son, best is yet to come, we are proud of you and we have full trust in your abilities to bring good name to our family.
17 is a significant number in counting age number, because it marks the end of childhood. May your days become better and brighter as you enter into adulthood. Happy 17th Birthday.
Let this day give you not only a lot of gifts, but also a lot of wise words and wild parties, a happy 17th birthday, my friend. Cheers.
Happy 17th birthday to you, my dear friend, to fulfill every day of your life with the warmth of the sun, happiness, smile and eternal feeling of love. I wish you all the best.
Do not forget that life is not a bed of roses. Obstacles always come where there is a way. Be on the right track and succeed. I wish you an incredible nephew from 17 years old.
No matter what anybody says, you matter to me, you are a special kid and I hope I can be there whenever you need me, even when you don’t. I love you, enjoy your 17th birthday.
I’m glad I said yes to a young man like you, you’re not just young but you possess an old soul. Happy 17th Birthday to you my crown. I wish you happiness throughout the year.
May your 17th birthday be more graceful that the last, may you share cake with your friends and May you have everything you’ve wished for. I love you.
Happy 17th birthday. The sky will be your stepping foot. Have a beautiful birthday.
Happy 117th birthday to you

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Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Daughter, you are the best gift in my life, because you’re not only my daughter, but also my friend. Hope all these 17 years were wonderful for you, because every minute with you were amazing for me. Love you, my girl.
The sweetest happy birthday to the sweetest 17-y-o girl! It’s amazing how time flies because now you’re such a beautiful little woman. Love you, my dear, and wish you all the best on your birthday party. Have fun!
As you stand here, in your last year of absolute freedom. I’d like to wish you the happiest of birthdays, and for you to enjoy life as much as you can! On this very day,
17 years ago, you made us the happiest people in the world, and that feeling of happiness has only become bigger every day you spend into our lives. You are the best thing we could have hoped for. Happy birthday!
The transition of a 17-year-old girl is an interesting one; she stopped being daddy’s pet to daddy’s best friend. I am really glad you’re growing into adulthood. Happy 17th Birthday daughter.
Your first name is charming, tour middle name is beautiful and your last name is elegant. Happy 17th Birthday to a pretty girl with pretty names. Enjoy it.
The joy of every parent is to train a child to a point that they’ll give them rest. I hope you’ve reached that point where you’ll give us rest. Happy 17th Birthday daughter.
Sometimes I wish they can extend your holiday by long margins, so I can have the opportunity to spend more time with you. You’re such an interesting daughter.
You’ve been a boy for everyone; some call you ladies’ man. I really wish to see that side of yours. Hehehehehehe.
For the past 17 years, you have shown us why it is a blessing to be parents. You are the best thing that has happened to our lives, and for that, I thank you. Happy birthday!
It is rare to see a person, that even though is only barely 17 years old, has the maturity of a thousand adults. You truly are a remarkable person. Happy birthday!
On this very day, 17 years ago, the world became very lucky, to have you walk among them. And now, you still continue making everyone feel lucky when you are around them. Happy birthday!
As you stand at the doorstep separating childhood with adulthood, I want you to remember to always be yourself, because it is your amazing personality that has made everyone believe you are an amazing person. Happy birthday!
Today being the 17th year of your existence. I will say a big Happy Birthday to an extraordinary person I ever came across.
I just want to wish the best to the brainiest, most humorous, and most exceptional 17 year-old in the universe. I pray we remain friends forever.
I don’t think any father would ask for a better son than you. You are the paradigm of perfection. I hope you’ll keep growing in this path. Happy 17th Birthday.
They said our relationship started way to fast but I said to myself I will never find a girl like you again. I’m glad that you believed in me.
I pray your new age brings forth a new and magnificent leaf in your life. Happy 17th birthday.
Hello, freckle it’s your day. Enjoy and be happy not everyone born same day with you are still alive. I join in your celebration of your 17th-year-old birthday.

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Son

To see you in diapers playing with your toys, to be one step away from being an adult. I am proud to have seen you grow so much. Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe my son is grown up! Happy 17th birthday to my handsome and imposing son!
As far as the brothers are concerned, You are at the top of the list. Happy birthday to the coolest guy in the family!
Now that you’re turning 17, I hope you still play basketball with me and let me borrow your stuff. Although not, I still wish you a happy birthday!
A great thing about a brother like you is that I always knew I could count on you. Thanks for still having my back. Happy 17!
To my best friend ever, I hope your birthday is as wonderful and as beautiful as you! I am so happy that we are together!
That means, as of today, I love you 131072 times more than the day you were born! I would like to see you live long enough to love you more than 1 billion! Happy Birthday!
The years seem to have flown. It is hard to believe that the boy who ordered a bicycle is now a 17-year-old boy in his car.

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

You may have had many birthdays, but I wish your 17th would be the best you ever experience and leave happy and sweet memories that will linger for ages.
Happy 17th birthday to a rare gem, you are one of the most beautiful people that I know therefore you deserve my goodwill messages on your birthday.
Do you, be you and always celebrate you, you are unique, you are amazing and you are the most special 17 year old I know of. Have a hearty birthday my love!
I can never find the right words to tell you that you matter, you mean something and that you have a lot to look forward to. Enjoy your 17th birthday, have fun and make merry.
It’s often rare to see a 17-year-old woman with so many figures you can not find anywhere. You made me feel comfortable to pick you up. Happy 17th birthday is my sweet daughter.
Tough work will always be the key to success. Now is the time to do it right. Happy 17th birthday.
Your perfection lies in who you are, you never seek the perfection of being the other person. Be my big son, because I want to see him. Happy 17th birthday full of love of a son. I am watching you
Your new era looks so good that I would like you to be so cute and beautiful forever. Make yourself big in life. Happy 17th birthday, my son.
Never do anything to die in you. Enjoy your fight. A nice birthday boy. You have a lot more.
What are the things that will make you happy today without any wishes! Tell me and you’ll get it. Happy 17th birthday girl. Enjoy your special day.
My dear, please, excuse my writing, I can not help but shake the hand of your birthday, and today we’re going to have fun. Happy 17th birthday, my dear daughter !!

Never forget those words, my dear daughter. Good things always happen to the right people, no matter how long it takes. I always wanted to do well. Happy 17th birthday. May God guide you.

You are quite mature enough to make your decisions. All my prayers are with you. You have a wonderful birthday girl.
You still wonder if something will change with age, because you are a fool! But really beautiful. 17 Happy 17th birthday is my friend forever.
You’re always wondering if something will change over the years because you’re a fool! But really beautiful. 17 Happy 17th birthday is my friend forever.

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy 17th birthday my friend! It’s too early to wish you health and happiness…I wish you to have amazing and unforgettable time! Congratulations!
It’s somebody’s 17th today! I hope you have a joyful celebration today and that you continue to be the amazing person that you are in the upcoming year. Best wishes from the bottom of my heart.
As you turn 17, I just wanted to tell you how much your friendship means to me. Thank you for always being there for me. I hope the laughs, the jokes and fun we have together will last a lifetime. Happy 17th Birthday!
Happy 17th birthday to my special friend! I hope you enjoy your day and wish you nothing but good luck and prosperity for your 17th year.
Let all your dreams guide you through life, girl! I hope you enjoy your day!
Happy 17th birthday to the most beautiful girl and daughter. You are an inspiration to me and all around you. Hope, you’ll always be so wonderful. Love you with my entire heart. Congratulations!
Happy 17th birthday to the one who has brought us so much joy than we can imagine. We will continue to support your life journey as your parent. Much love.
Your advancement into age 17 is great news for us all in this house, you mean so much to us and we wish you all the best as you celebrate today. Happy 17th Birthday.
A fine stone was born 17 years ago; I wish you all the good things' life can afford
While I was growing up, there were a lot of pressure from every angle which later affected me, but now that you are 17. Live without any pressure and achieve your dreams. Happy 17th Birthday.
Happy Birthday that is all I can say and I wish you many happy returns. Have a beautiful 17th birthday.
I never had interest in girls until you came along my way, I’m glad we could be together as lovers, you’ve been my everything. Happy 17th Birthday to you my girl. Stay blessed.
For a Friend
A lot has changed about you since your last birthday, you are 17 years old today, and all I can see is positive changes and outstanding attributes. Congratulations.

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Sister

It amazes me how time flies, you are 17 and amazing. I wish you faith, love, and strength to scale through the hurdles of life.
May your 17th birthday open doors you thought were locked, may you be glad may you be happy and most of all, may your cake fill you with joy this day.
Happy 17th birthday to our wonderful sister the very best is incoming we are proud of you, you are gifted with strength to overcome all the obstacles of life.
There’s a way to identify a responsible girl, and I can say you’re really responsible even at a tender age. May your life be great as you grow. Happy 17th Birthday sister. Have lots of fun.
This is your special day, and no one else celebrates our 17th birthday, dear nephews, you are really the jewel of my life and I love you so much.
Your destination is your achievements, not your luck. Have a good day with good wishes. Happy 17th birthday, nice nephew.
Your 17th birthday is an indication that you have another year to grow up. I wish you all the best future woman.
I appreciate your sweet niece aged 17, old, wiser and loving every time I look at you and love you for it. Enjoy your birthday.
Try to see everything right in every situation because life is too short for bad things. Happy Birthday. Have thousands of hours of happiness.
Growing older very fast by the minute, I am afraid one day I’ll open my eyes to find you have white hair. Happy 17th Birthday beautiful, you are precious in my eyes.

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