200+ Happy 60th birthday wishes for Family and Friend With Image

Happy 60th birthday wishes : In this post you will find out the best collection of Happy 60th Birthday wishes and Happy 60th Birthday wishes for son. so doesn’t mater today is your daughter birthday or son birthday you can find wishes for both them. We have more then 100 collection of wishes for your daughter and son to celebrate their birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday wishes is so special for your as parent this is time when your baby become more mature so lets make this day so special and celebrate it with lot of happiness You are so happy and luckiest person because you have cute baby and now they gonna turn 4 years old that means lot of happiness moment for your life.

So here you can find Happy 60th Birthday wishes for daughter and Happy 60th Birthday wishes for son to celebrate their birthday. We also attached some more images to that help to show your feeling though our wishes and images for Happy 60th Birthday wishes.

Best Happy 60th birthday wishes

The epitome of life’s wisdom or the beginning of a permanently grumpy attitude – call it what you want, turning sixty is a celebration unlike any other. Happy birthday.
Turning sixty does not mean, that you get ready to call it quits. Turning sixty actually means, that you are ready to enjoy all of life’s bits. Happy sixtieth.
I think life starts at 60. I wish you the best day and a beautiful new year in your life. Happy 60th birthday!
Truly this is a day to cherish and remember. May it be full of love, joy, and happiness! Happy birthday to you!
At 60 years, you have many years of wisdom, May you always be a role model and mentor to others. I wish you a happy 60th Birthday!
There is no day like this and never will it be, May you enjoy it with those who matter in your life. I wish you a memorable day and a happy new year in your life. Happy 60th Birthday!
I am happy for you, celebrating your 60th birthday and yet you look like you are in your twenties. Have a wonderful 60th birthday!
May you continue to be wiser each passing day and may your good conduct be seen in your works. Wishing you a happy 60th birthday!
On your 60th birthday, May you be surrounded by the people whom you dearly cherish and love you. I wish you a memorable day.
Sending you the warmest wishes for a happy 60th birthday! Have a wonderful birthday!
May you have a happy ending day on your 60th birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day!
Age is just a number and it’s all within the mind. Forget about the age and enjoy this special day in your life to the fullest. Happy sixtieth birthday!
May this New Year in your life filled with big blessings and happy memories! Happy 60th birthday!
Being broke in your twenties is no problem, because you can still have fun. Being rich at sixty doesn’t really matter, because you can’t have fun anyways. Happy birthday.
Sending you a wishes, on your 60th Birthday! I wish you complete and utter happiness! I wish that your children and grandchildren always see what a stupendous person that you are!
Happy Birthday, friend! May your 60th Birthday be the best one you have ever commemorated! May it be loud, joyous, and bright!
Today is the day that we celebrate the birthday of someone special in our life. May all your dreams come to pass. Happy 60th birthday!
Sending you wishes for a great day filled with blessings, laughter, and joy. Happy 60th birthday to a beautiful soul!

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Happy 60th birthday wishes for Dad/ papa

You are such an inspirational soul and I am thankful to have you in my life. Happy 60th birthday!
As you turn 60, May your birthday be blessed and filled with joy. Wishing you a happy 60th birthday!
It is a must for one to grow old, but optional to grow up. I wish you a happy 60th birthday!
It is not the years that count but the life that you have lived. Wishing you a happy 60th birthday!
You are full of ideas but short of time. Pick the best of your ideas and run with it. Happy 60th birthday!
The older you become, the sweeter the life. Happy Sixtieth Birthday!
I know you want back your youth. To get back your youth you must get up early, exercise, and eat healthily. Happy Sixtieth Birthday!
The best birthdays are those that you have not yet celebrated. Always look forward to the best.
A man cannot be perfect without trials; you must fall in order to succeed. I wish you a Happy Sixty Birthday.
The secret of looking young is to live an honest life, eat healthily, and lie about your age.
Who said you are, you look 20 years old, the 40 years are of experience.
I am sending you the best wishes on your 60th birthday and your new year in life. May your children and grandchildren get to know how amazing you are! You are a great friend.
Wishing your birthday is just as wonderful as you are. Happy 60th birthday my dear friend and May you have a nice day!
This is the best birthday that you will ever have in your life. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy 60th birthday friend!
With sixty staring at your face, I know you have passed through a lot of challenges and gained a lot of experience. May your life be filled with joy and happiness! Happy 60th birthday friend!
I can still remember the old good days. The moments we shared and the good things that we did together. We are not too old that we can’t have fun. Happy 60th Birthday!
My friend, the best is yet to come. Grow old with me, let’s enjoy our friendship forever. I wish you a happy 60th birthday!
Dear friend, as you celebrate your sixtieth birthday, May you have time to reflect on your past life experience and get a good smile. Happy Birthday!
You have passed through youth, middle age, and old age, and yet you are looking great. I wish you a happy 60th birthday!

Happy 60th birthday wishes for Mom/ Mother

Dear friend, Let us respect our very own grey hair, for it comes with a lot of wisdom. Happy 60th birthday!
Happy Birthday, to a beloved friend! Your loyalty has meant everything to me! I hope that your 60th Birthday contains all that means the world to you! I hope that the people who are fortunate enough to be in your presence appreciate you! Have a very, special day!
Happy 60th Birthday, to my dearest friend! I am thankful to know you! I hope that you hold memories of this day, close to your heart! May you have the very best day!
Sending a Happy 60th Birthday wish, overflowing with love and appreciation to my very, best friend! I hope that you are surrounded by even more grateful people! I am blessed to know you!
Happy 60th Birthday, to a friend who always makes me laugh! May your laughter fill the party and continue to lift the spirits of others! Have a fun and fantastic birthday!
Wishing a person who knows the true meaning of friendship, a very, Happy 60th Birthday! You are loyal, kind, and honest! May who you are be honored, on this most, special occasion!
Sending a 60th Birthday wish to you! I hope that this important, occasion finds you happy and well! May you take time out to reflect on the amazing life that you have led! May you look to tomorrow with a smile on your face!
May your 60th Birthday provide you with even more entertaining stories to tell, in the future! Have a blessed day!
Wishing you a luminous birthday! May your 60th be celebrated among good friends, and loving family members! May it stand out in your memories as a grand birthday!
Happy Birthday to you, on your 60th Birthday! May this milestone in your life find you in high spirits and ready to celebrate with the people who truly love you!
Your 60th birthday fills me with jubilation! I hope that, on this special day, you feel that way, too! You are adored and cherished by all of the people who know you! Happy Birthday!
Happy 60th Birthday! May it be tremendous! May it overflow with warmth and goodness!

Happy 60th birthday wishes for Friend

Wishing you a 60th Birthday that is as unique and memorable, as you! May everything that occurs today be different, eye opening, and make you feel happy to be alive! Happy Birthday!
Turning sixty gives you many additional rights in life, including the right to be forgetful, right to be annoying and the right to be grumpy. Happy sixtieth.
Don’t be under the false impression that life is like wine so it becomes sweeter with age. As the years go by, even wine turns into vinegar – sour and inedible. Start cherishing life while your maturity and sweetness is at its peak – sixty. Happy birthday.
I know why you are happy about turning sixty – you are just a few years away from getting old age benefits. Happy 60th.
It doesn’t matter whether you turn fifty, forty, or sixty because age has nothing to do with our friendship. Happy birthday my friend.
Inspirational and sensational. Awesome and full of fun. You have lived life this way, to this very day. Hope that never changes, as you turn life’s pages. Happy birthday.
Wishing you a day filled with laughter and joy. You deserve all the best things that life has to offer, today and for years to come. Happy 60th birthday girl!
Gone are the days when people used to stay indoors when they turned 60. Let’s get out and party. Happy birthday and May you have a wonderful time my friend.
I can’t believe how beautiful you still look; one can say you are in your early thirty. Happy 60th birthday, dear friend!
It does not matter how old you become or how many years pass by, you will still be the special girl in my life. Wishing you a happy 60th birthday, my dear friend!
Happy 60th Birthday! You are the bravest, greatest person that I know! Thank you for all of the advice that you have given me! I hope that your birthday is jovial, and that you remain an inspiration to everyone who meets you!
Sending Birthday wishes to you on your 60th! May all that you envision come to pass! May there be no obstacles in your way! May you continue your journey of self growth and fulfillment!

Happy 60th birthday wishes for Brother

Wishing you a 60th Birthday that stirs you to take even more action! May you find more things to do and more lives to improve! Happy Birthday!
On your 60th Birthday, think about the future! Forget about the past, if you have not already done that! Happy Birthday!
Tonight, during your 60th Birthday party, have a blast! Dance like you are thirty! Eat like you are twenty-one! Forget where you parked, like the sixty-year-old that you are!
Remembering you on your 60th Birthday because, let’s face it, you probably won’t! Happy Birthday, old one!
Looking at you, on your birthday, I do not see someone who is sixty. I see someone who is so, much, older! Happy Birthday!
Oh, to be young and full of vigor! But, not you! You are old! Happy 60th Birthday!
Thinking about you on your 60th Birthday, and grateful that I am not nearly as old as you are! Happy Birthday, anyway!

Happy 70th, I mean, 60th Birthday! Come on! We both know how old you really are! Happy Birthday!

Today, I remembered that it was your 60th Birthday, and I was glad! It is always good to have an old friend around who reminds you that YOU are still young! Happy Birthday!

Happy 60th birthday wishes for Sister

Wishing the OLDEST person that I will ever know, a Happy 60th Birthday! You are truly old. Truly.
Happy 60th Birthday! To say that you are old, is an understatement! It is the biggest understatement in the history of the world! Have a gargantuan day!.
Grace, dignity, maturity and wisdom – this is how I would describe your personality. Happy 60th birthday.
Turning sixty is one of the best phases of life because you can actually start pretending that you are old when you want seats on busses and trains. Happy birthday.
Turning sixty is not a reason to slow down in life. It is a reason to start living life to the fullest to make up for all that you haven’t done in your youth. Happy birthday
Happy 60th Birthday! May it be splendid! May you have the birthday that you deserve! May you be all smiles, not just today, but on all of the days that follow!
Happy Birthday! May your 60th Birthday surpass your previous one! May all that you hold dear be cherished even more today!
Happy 60th Birthday, to someone who has made my world brighter! May you receive everything that you have given to others back, today! May you be aware of how significant you are!

Happy 60th birthday wishes for Uncle

Wishing you a momentous, 60th Birthday! You have achieved so much in your life, so far! May you achieve even more!
You never fail to encourage me, no matter what I choose to do! Today, on your 60th Birthday, I want to encourage you in your endeavors! May you travel to the places that you have always wanted to travel to!
May you see things that you have always wanted to witness! May you know that there is someone who will always believe in you!
On your 60th Birthday, remember that it is never too late to achieve your dreams! You have everything that you need to do that at your disposal, including my unwavering support!
Your 60th Birthday is only the beginning! May this time in your life be the start of new experiences! May you dream as big as you have, in the past, and look forward to the future!
May your 60th Birthday remind you of everything that you have done to better the lives of others, including me! May you know what a great example you have been to us! May you continue to set goals that change lives! Happy Birthday!
Happy 60th Birthday! May it reaffirm the course you have taken in your life, and encourage you to stay on your path!
Happy 60th Birthday, to the person who always inspires me to go on! You have inspired me to never give up! May you continue to be a shining example of hope and determination!
Physiologically you are sixty. Mentally you are forty. But emotionally, your spirit is just twenty. Happy 60th birthday.
As your retirement inches closer, as your age stretches further. You have come a long way, many a glorious mile, I wish you good health and countless smiles. Happy 60th.
Don’t believe colleagues who say that life begins at sixty. They are just trying to ready you for your retirement and see you off as soon as they can. Happy 60th birthday.

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