Happy 96th Birthday Wishes for Family and Friend with Image

Happy 96th Birthday Wishes : In this post you will find out the best collection of Happy 96th Birthday wishes and Happy 96th Birthday wishes for son. so doesn’t mater today is your daughter birthday or son birthday you can find wishes for both them. We have more then 100 collection of wishes for your daughter and son to celebrate their birthday.

Happy 96th Birthday wishes is so special for your as parent this is time when your baby become more mature so lets make this day so special and celebrate it with lot of happiness You are so happy and luckiest person because you have cute baby and now they gonna turn 4 years old that means lot of happiness moment for your life.

So here you can find Happy 96th Birthday wishes for daughter and Happy 96th Birthday wishes for son to celebrate their birthday. We also attached some more images to that help to show your feeling though our wishes and images for Happy 96th Birthday wishes.

Happy 96th Birthday Wishes Image

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Best Happy 96th Birthday Wishes

very time we remember your memories in our mind, we are reminded that you are one of the best things that God has blessed us with. We can’t afford to not pray and call on Him to always protect you. May your remaining days end in bliss.
Glad tidings to you now and always, we acknowledge the fact that you are remarkable and you are exceptionally wonderful. We pray for the strength and mind to emulate someone so wonderfully minded like you. Happy birthday, sister.
It is your smile that keeps us going, letting us know that you are happy makes as happy too.
One of the people I value the most in this life is you so thanks for it all happy 96th birthday!
The experiences you have had are truly meant for the best, we wish you all a happy bday.
You made me so proud of my family, that is all on you, gramps, so enjoy your special day.
Just thinking of you already makes my heart feel so warm, Daddy, happiest bday to you.
Thank you for listening to me when I wanted someone to talk to, this time I will listen to you.
Happy 96th birthday, I hope you live longer to see your grandchildren, my dear father.
You gave me advices you gave me helped me a lot so I am truly thankful, have fun today.
The way you raised me is something I will always be grateful for, Ma, enjoy today.
Thank you for letting and helping me sort things out by myself, you are truly the best.
Happy bday, this is my thank you for all the times you comforted me, I love you a lot.
You are already blessed so much but I hope you would be more than happy 96th birthday!
Just being able to interact with you already brightens my day, I hope I can make you smile.
Our wish is for you to always be here to guide us as no one does it better than you. Though we are always reminded that our time on earth is limited, we want you to know that we pray that your days be multiplied and your soul be blessed.

Goodness, mercy and peace eternal with glad tidings shall never cease from you and may your soul always find comfort.

Whenever you find comfort, it shall not be snatched, neither shall it be cut short. The security of the Lord shall always be there to secure you and your household.
We are always grateful for the person that you are and we pray for the feeling to remain long-lasting. As you become a mother to us, so shall many become parents to your generations in Jesus name.
May we never become short or fall short of reasons to celebrate you and with you, because you are a muse and everything about you is what we want. May it continue to remain so in Jesus name.
Sweet brother, for the remainder of your days, may the grace of the Lord be with you and may He show his unfailing kindness towards you as you celebrate today. You shall have eternal peace as you prepare for his coming. Amen
Birthdays are worth celebrating, as you celebrate today may all your good deeds be brought to remembrance, and may we that your life as touched not forget in a hurry in Jesus name. Amen
You gave me enough confidence to trust in myself so I wish you have tons of fun as well.
Whether you are far away from me, you are always going to be in my heart, enjoy today.
Your love saved me and for that I am grateful, enjoy your special day, my dearest gramps.
You are one of my sources of strength so thank you so much and have a happy 96th birthday.
Granny, you did save me so many times, I wish I can make you happy for today.
All my best memories have you in them, I guess you were always going to be my hero, Papa.
Happiest bday to the one person that gets me, I wish you all the best, enjoy your big day.
Happy 96th birthday, thank you for being one of my happy places in this world, enjoy well.
You are already a permanent in my heart, so may you keep on being that to me now.
You came, you have seen and you are still conquering. We pray for the strength for you to keep up the victory. Even in life and death, your ever-blazing trail shall never be extinguished in Jesus Name.
We love you and we are overjoyed by your life and stories, you are a hero to us and we are proud to call you our brother. We pray for more life to you and more healings in your bones.

You were the strongest glue that held us together when we broke, you stood by us and never gave up, may everyone who felt your deep impact, not desert you in your deepest point of needs and may you continue to flourish in every situation. Amen.

Today, I celebrate a great cousin and I ask for the heavens to grant your utmost wish and desires on your 96th birthday.
May your days continue to grow brighter and your night skies never cease to be filled with colourful stars.
May all the stars in your sky shine like they were newly birthed, may you’re your lips continue to taste good things even at your old age and may you continue to remain strong and wonderful.
Your family shall continue to know eternal peace they shall reap the fruits of your labour and be satisfied, they shall never disappoint you and for the rest of your days, you are your family are blessed.
I pray that God in his infinite mercy protects all that you hold dear and may they continue to bring joy and gladness to your heart.
Celebration of life and the celebration of an eternal friend, may your life continue to grow and your paths continue to remain straight.
We have come a long way together, knowing you have been a blessing to me. There are no doubts that we have an everlasting friendship, so I pray that you continue to remain strong, rich and wonderful.
I pray for your life, your health and for your family. Let every good thing that brings joy and celebration continue to find their way to your doorstep.
You shall always find favour in the eyes of your friends and enemies. For the remainder of your years, you shall never cease to live in safety.
Happiness, peace, joy and security is my forever wish for you. when the time becomes over your stars shall forever shine to your 4th and 5th generation. You are already blessed.

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