99+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhanji in Hindi With Image

Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhanji : Today we are share with you best Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhanji in english and hindi. If today’s is your niece birthday and you looking for some best birthday wishes, quotes and image and you are best place to find Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhanji.

We have find best wishes for your niece’s birthday so you have just copy any wishes and send her through whatsapp and facebook. This is best way to celebrate your Bhanji birthday and make this day special in her life and enjoy with party.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhanji Image


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Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhanji in Hindi

सदा साथ रहेगा आशीर्वाद हमारा
खुशियों से भरा हो जन्मदिन तुम्हारा !
Happy Birthday Bhatiji
भतीजी-के-लिए-जन्मदिन-की-शुभकामना (1)
दुनिया की सबसे प्यारी भतीजी को जन्मदिन मुबारक हो!
मुझे उम्मीद है कि आपका यह जन्मदिन आपके जीवन में खुशहाली लेकर आये !
जिंदगी का हर लम्हा बहुत खास होता है,
हमारी दुआएं हमेशा तुम्हारे साथ हैं,
तुम्हारी जिंदगी का हर लम्हा सबसे खास हो,
हमारी भतीजी को जन्मदिन बहुत मुबारक हो !
आज का दिन मेरे लिए बहुत खास है,
इसलिए नहीं कि आज तुम्हारा जन्मदिन है
बल्कि इसलिए कि आज वह दिन है
जब मैंने पहली बार अपनी प्यारी भतीजी को देखा था !
Happy Birthday Bhatiji
दुनिया की हर ख़ुशी तुम्हारे दामन में हो,
ख्वाबों की हर मंजिल तुम्हारे कदमों में हो,
मेरी प्यारी भतीजी जिस दिन इस जमीन पर आई
उस खूबसूरत दिन बस यही दुआ है मेरी !
जन्मदिन का ये लम्हा मुबारक हो आपको
ख़ुशियों का ये लम्हा मुबारक हो आपको
आने वाला कल लाये
आपके लिये ख़ुशियाँ हज़ार और
वो ख़ुशियाँ मुबारक हो आपको !
खुशी की मेहफिल सजती रहे,
खूबसुरत हर पल ? खुशी राहे,
आप इतना ?खुश रहे जीवन में कि,
खुशी भी आपकी दीवानी रहे…
??Happy Birthday Dear Niece…??
दुआ ??है कि ऊपरवाला? तुम्हें हमेशा खुश? रखे
और? तुम्हारे होठों पर हमेशा? मुस्कान खिली रहे।
??हैप्पी बर्थडे प्यारी भांजी ??
तुम मुस्कुराती रहो जिन्दगी सारी
ऎसी दिल से दुआ है हमारी
जिन्दगी सदा महकती रहे तुम्हारी…
रहे हर सुबह और हर शाम तुम्हारी।
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो भांजी ????
तुम मुस्कुराती रहो जिन्दगी सारी
ऎसी दिल से दुआ है हमारी
जिन्दगी सदा महकती रहे तुम्हारी…
रहे हर सुबह और हर शाम तुम्हारी।
happy Birthday Bhanji
Life का हर Goal रहे आपका Clear,
तुम Success पाओ Without any Fear
हर पल जियो Without any Tear,
Enjoy your day my Dear,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY To you dear Niec
मुबारक हो तुमको यह जन्मदिन तुम्हारा,
जो मांगो तुम रब से वो मिल जाये तुम्हें सारा,
दुखो की कभी काली रात ना आये,
खुशियों से भर जाये घर का आँगन सारा,
मुबारक हो तुमको यह जन्मदिन तुम्हारा !
जीवन के रास्ते हमेशा गुलज़ार रहें,
चेहरे पर आपके सदा ही मुस्कान रहें,
देता है दिल यह दुआ आपको;
ज़िन्दगी में हर दिन खुशियों की बहार रहें !
Happy Birthday Bhatiji
दर्द और ग़म से आप अंजान रहें,
खुशियों से आपकी पहचान रहे,
हमारे तो दिल की सिर्फ़ इतनी दुआ है,
आपके चेहरे पर सदा मुस्कान रहे !


Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhanji in English

A niece is someone as beautiful, talented, and intelligent as her favorite aunt—me of course! Happy Birthday to my amazing niece!
Statistics show that nieces are way better than nephews! I’m so glad we got the better end of the bargain! Best wishes, niece!
You are beauty, brains, and a real humdinger! Love from your favorite ‘fun’ uncle!
The fire department is on standby and the fire extinguisher is under the table! Time to blow out the candles on your cake! Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece!
How can someone be as pretty and intelligent as you? Oh I forgot. It’s on our genes. Best wishes, niece!
Is it your birthday AGAIN? Stop getting older! You’re starting to catch up to me! Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece! Another year older and another year wiser!

Happy Anniversary of your 29th Birthday my beautiful niece! You’ve grown into such a lovely, elegant woman! May God Bless you with a lifetime of

happiness and love!
A Funny Birthday Wishes Collection to Inspire the Perfect Birthday Greeting
I have a particular set of skills. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I don’t know where you live and I don’t know who you are but I will find you… and wish you a joyful birthday, niece.
I’m sending you birthday wishes and kisses! You are one incredible, beautiful girl! You are fabulous—it takes one to know one, right?!
Happy Birthday to the girl who has the only birthday I can remember without being notified by Facebook!
Many happy returns! I was going to try and wrap up Ryan Gosling but he just wouldn’t stand still long enough to fit in the box! I hope your birthday is still a pretty incredible affair!
Best Wishes to a wonderful girl with the most amazing aunt in the world! You sure are one lucky girl! I hope your birthday is as wonderful as we are!
Forget the past. Don’t fret about the future. Live in the present and enjoy the little things. My warmest wishes, my beautiful niece! I wish you a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love!
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet… but not as sweet as you! Happy Birthday,
beautiful niece! Love from your favorite Aunt.
I might be your Aunt but I would also like to think of myself as your friend. Best wishes to you on your special day.
It’s time to blow out your candles and make some wishes! It’s time to get this party started! Love to you, my favorite niece!
I am so glad that you are my niece and my friend. Happy Birthday, sweetie! May you have a wonderful day full of smiles and laughs, surrounded by your friends and family!
Best wishes to you on your birthday. I’m sending a smile and a great big hug to my favorite niece!
You are beautiful inside and out. You have the biggest, most caring heart. You are smarter than anyone I know! I’m so blessed to be able to call you my niece
I wish you plenty of laughter, love, and cake today! I hope this next year grants you every dream and wish you can think of. Happy birthday, beautiful niece!
You are so beautiful, brainy, and a better dancer than me! Now let’s get our groove on as we celebrate another year you’ve survived.
I’m sorry to tell you that I ate all your cake and devoured your ice cream. I hope you’re still glad you invited me, my niece!
Your birthday it is. Happy it will be. Best Wishes from the greatest Jedi that ever lived, Master Yoda.
Happy Birthday. You are a gift to the world. Have a great birthday.
Happy Birthday To My Niece. You are a gift to the world. Have a great birthday.
Send this To My Special Niece
You are growing up so fast,
my dear niece, my only wish
is that you slow down so that
I can savor and cherish these
glorious years!
Wishing you a beautiful
birthday today!
Happy Birthday. I am so lucky to have a wonderful niece like you in my life. I love you!
Happy Birthday. I am so lucky to have a wonderful niece like you in my life. I love you!
Send this Tiered Birthday Cake Card for Niece
For your birthday I thought we should do something we both love to do, annoy the mess out of your parents! Happy birthday to my adorable partner in crime.
I’m not sure how it happened, but you have managed to ensnare my heart with your cute and adorable ways. I hope your birthday is even half as delightful as you are.
On my cloudiest days in life, you are a beautiful rainbow. Thank you for always bringing light, laughter, and love into my life. May your year be chock full of wondrous moments.
Niece, I want to take this day to tell you how grateful I am that you were born. Without you, my life would have been so empty. I am so fortunate to have such a daring, stunning, and loving niece like you. Happy birthday!
Niece, may all of your birthday wishes become a reality May all of your dreams come true today and the other 364 days this year, Niece.
♥ To a wonderful niece, wishing you the best of birthdays and many more
♥ Happy birthday, niece! Hope it is a magical and super special day!
♥ Here’s to celebrating you on your birthday and for many more to come, dearest niece
♥ Niece, sending you birthday hugs and kisses on your special day.
♥ Wishing you lots of love, joy, happiness and health on your birthday, Niece.
♥ May you be blessed with birthday cake and balloons on your birthday, niece.
♥ This day is all about you, Niece. Make the most of your birthday!
♥ May your birthday cake be sweet but not as sweet as you, dear niece.
♥ Make a wish and blow out the candles, special niece! Happy birthday!

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