How to pack jewelry for moving

How to pack jewelry for moving More about Ethan Greenfieldby Ethan Greenfieldon Feb 1, 2023.

If you’ve made up your mind to handle the house-packing task on your own – that is, without any professional assistance – you will soon find out that the separate packing tasks can be drastically different from each other not only in terms of time spent on the specific job but also when it comes to the right packing approach.

When it comes to packing fragile items for moving, the approach to protecting those delicate things can also differ greatly. For example, packing breakable kitchen items such as plates and glasses is definitely not the same as packing your jewelry pieces.

Packing jewelry for moving is a unique packing experience – you’re dealing with small and delicate pieces that are usually expensive and sometimes even priceless. Therefore, you’re going to need special packing methods to keep your jewelry as safe during the move as possible.  

Read on to learn the best way to pack jewelry for moving.

Don’t underestimate the packing task

The very first thing you need to do is understand that the task of packing your jewelry for moving is definitely not an easy one for a number of reasons.

  • Cost (value). Your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are valuable for you – some more, some less. Also, some of your jewelry pieces can also be truly expensive so the last thing you’d want is to see one of them ruined due to improper packing.
  • Fragility. Some jewelry items are very prone to damage, especially the ones with long chains. Chains tend to get tangled into each other and may break either during transport or when you try to untangle them after the move.
  • Small size. The small size of some jewelry items makes them easy to misplace or lost during a chaotic house move.

So, be careful when packing your jewelry for a move and treat the packing job seriously so that none of your valuable pieces gets damaged during the planned relocation.

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Gather the necessary packing supplies

The next thing you should do when you’re about to pack jewelry for moving is to secure the necessary packing materials. There’s no way for you to skip this step – after all, your valuables have to be adequately protected to survive the move unscathed.

Interestingly enough, some of the packing supplies for protecting your jewelry pieces can seem rather unusual. Nevertheless, they are proven to do their job well, so here are what materials you need to prepare in advance:

  • Packing paper. Get white, soft, print-free wrapping paper.
  • Bubble wrap. Standard bubble wrap will do just fine.
  • Plastic wrap. Ideal for fixing your jewelry pieces in place.
  • Plastic bags. Get small plastic bags that are sealable.
  • Cardboard. You’re going to need cardboard cutouts.
  • Drinking straws. Ideal for protecting long thin chains.
  • Egg carton, sunglasses case, pill organizer. Unusual yet effective alternative packing supplies.
  • Packing tape. Never use it directly onto your jewelry pieces.

Sort your jewelry pieces

It’s time to sort out your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, and all other types of jewelry you may own. Why? It won’t make any sense to waste precious time packing jewelry pieces that are definitely not worth taking with you.

Arrange all the jewelry pieces on a table and inspect each one closely to decide what you’ll do with it. In most cases, you’ll choose to take most or even all of your jewelry collection with you. However, fashion changes fast and time can prove to be unkind to some of your valuables as well.

You can go ahead and discard any jewelry items that

  • are too worn out or even broken beyond repair;
  • don’t have any sentimental value and are too cheap to keep anyway;
  • you don’t see yourself wearing them in the future.

Consider gifting to friends or selling the ones that are valuable but you won’t wear after the move for some reason or another.

Pack your jewelry in a jewelry box

Needless to say, your jewelry box is your best transportation method for your precious jewelry pieces.

Jewelry boxes provide excellent protection from the outside (they are made of sturdy materials such as wood, metal, or plastic) as well as from the inside (they are lined with soft padding materials). Also, jewelry boxes have separate compartments designed specifically for the different types of jewelry and can be closed securely or even locked for extra protection.

If you own a jewelry box, then you have little to worry about your valuables.

  • Arrange your valuable pieces carefully inside the box.
  • Protect your smallest or most fragile pieces by wrapping them up in soft packing paper first.
  • Use pieces of wrapping paper to fill in any empty spaces inside the jewelry box. This way, the pieces won’t be able to move around during transport.
  • Shut the box safely and wrap the container with a few layers of packing paper or one layer of bubble wrap.
  • Tape the package and keep it with you at all times during the relocation. Under no circumstances should you entrust your jewelry box to your movers.

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Pack your necklaces carefully

Packing necklaces for a move is tricky because they have long fragile chains that can break fairly easily if you’re not careful enough.

Here’s the best way to pack necklaces for moving:

  • Cut a drinking straw to match the length of the necklace with a thin chain. Slip one end of the chain through the straw and then clasp it shut at the other end.
  • Wrap the necklace + straw in plastic wrap to fix them in place.
  • Wrap each protected piece in soft packing paper to pad it against accidental damage.
  • Add one final layer of bubble wrap on the outside, then secure the bundle with packing tape.
  • Transfer the protected necklace into a small cardboard box – a shoe box is usually a good choice.
  • Repeat the steps above for all your necklaces.

Note: If you have a necklace with a thick chain that won’t go through a drinking straw, feel free to use a clean empty roll of toilet paper for the purpose.

Pack your bracelets cautiously

There are various types of bracelets – bangle bracelets, chain bracelets, leather bracelets, precious gemstone bracelets, and so on – but the fundamental method of protecting any kind of bracelets you own remains roughly the same.

  • Use drinking straws to protect the chains of chain bracelets (see above).
  • Wrap each bracelet in soft packing paper. Never use newspapers for this purpose.
  • Place a small piece of bubble wrap over the part of a bracelet that is extremely delicate and prone to damage – for example, a gemstone. Use a small piece of tape to secure the bubble wrap but never get the tape to touch the jewelry piece directly.
  • Wrap the entire bracelet in plastic wrap to seal it, then transfer it into the cardboard box you plan to use as your improvised jewelry box.

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Pack your earrings safely

Earrings are believed to be the toughest types of jewelry to protect during a move. The reason is that they are usually the most fragile ones you’ll own in your collection.

When packing long earrings with hooks, then

  • Cut out a piece of cardboard that’s roughly the size of a business card. You can also use a business card that you no longer need.
  • Use a pin to poke a couple of holes in the cardboard a few inches apart.
  • Slide the hooks of the earrings through the holes, one hook per hole.
  • Wrap the cutout or the card using plastic wrap.
  • Wrap the bundle in soft packing paper.
  • Add one final layer of bubble wrap on top when you’re packing extra-fragile or very expensive earrings.
  • Insert the bundle into a small plastic bag, then transfer it into the cardboard box.

When packing small stud earrings, then

  • Wrap each earring into a small piece of soft paper, then wrap both earrings into one large piece of packing paper.
  • Place each paper bundle containing a pair of earrings into one slot of a pill organizer or inside a hard sunglasses case.
  • Wrap the entire pill organizer or sunglasses case into stretch wrap, then transfer it into the small cardboard box designated for your jewelry.

Pack your rings securely

Now it’s time to learn how to pack rings when moving to another home. Keep in mind that some rings can be very delicate, especially those that have gemstones on them.

One good way to pack rings for moving is to use exactly the same method as when you packed your stud earrings – 1) wrapping each ring in soft packing paper, 2) adding a bit of bubble wrap over its most delicate area, 3) placing in inside a pill organizer or a sunglasses case, 4) wrapping the entire organizer or case in stretch wrap, and 5) transferring it to the small cardboard box.

Another highly unusual way to pack rings for moving is to transport them safely into an egg carton.

  • Wrap each ring in soft packing paper.
  • Add one layer of bubble wrap on top of it.
  • Position each protected piece of jewelry into an individual cup of the egg carton.
  • Add small bits of packing paper into each cup to fill up the entire space around the ring. This way, the rings will remain stationary and won’t be able to shift around during transit.
  • Keep adding protected rings to the other cardboard cups.
  • Wrap the entire egg carton in plastic wrap in order to seal it.
  • Transfer the egg carton to the cardboard box you’re using to move the rest of your jewelry pieces.

Whichever jewelry packing method you choose, remember that moving your jewelry is entirely your responsibility because most moving companies will not agree to relocate valuables, and you shouldn’t agree to it either.

Follow the above moving tips for packing jewelry and hopefully, you’ll never have to hear this dreaded question after the move, “Dear, have you seen my favorite ring? I can’t find it anywhere.”

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