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Long Messages For Boyfriend : Long Messages For Boyfriend we gonna share with you Long Messages For Boyfriend girl and boy. I shared with you best collection of birthday wishes for your best friends either is male friend or female friend. We also shared funny wishes and heart touching wishes for your bestie friends. Best fiends is play important role in our life because our best friends always help us in bad situation and also involves in our happy moments in our life. friends help to fill our life with memoirs that when we will old age then we realize how much our friends is importance for our life.

There are many types of friends most important friend is our school and college friends because we most of our childhood spent in school and since childhood our fiends become more strong. So if you have your school friends and college friends then you are lucky person because you already done lot of fun with your friends.

Long Messages For Boyfriend we shared best and heart touching Long Messages For Boyfriend in English. You can use our wishes for male friends and female friend or girl friend and boy friend. If your friends birthday is coming then its your responsibility to celebrate your best friend birthday and make this birthday special in your best friend’s life.

So lets find best Long Messages For Boyfriend from given below with image and click on copy button to copy and send them through any social media.

Long Messages For Boyfriend

Long Messages For Boyfriend we shared with you best Long Messages For Boyfriend Girl and Boy to celebrate this special day in your friend life. So lets find from given below.

You make me feel beautiful. Thank you for giving me so much more than I ever could have wanted. I am so thankful for what we have, and for every thing we will have. You are the only man I ever want to share my life with. I could never imagine what it would be like if we were to lose each other. I don’t even want to think about it. All I want to think about is you. You are the love of my life. I love you. I always will love you until the day that I die. Hopefully, when that day comes, I will still have you by my side and you face will be the last face that I see.

Everyone wants a partner in life who stays with her and will understand the feelings and emotions. I am the luckiest girl because you are in my life. You always gave me a smile on my face. When I want to start admires you, I miss the words that what will I say about you. You have made a special place in my heart. After meeting you, I think that I have got everything and now I have no need for anything. ( I Miss You Paragraphs for Him )

I have your habit and now I cannot live without you for a second. I can’t imagine that anyone can unconditionally love me. When I spend time with you, I feel that time has stopped and every movement is also stopped. I always want to spend the most time and all my life with you. I never get bored with you. I can’t explain that what the place of you in my heart and life is. Love you so much.

Before you, I was alone and didn’t met people and didn’t celebrate the birthday and other days. But since I met you, I’ve changed completely. You have become the special person of my life. I shared everything with you and you listen to me always. I am addicted to you. My day doesn’t start until I talk to you. You are my good morning alarm and after talking to you, I feel fresh.

Love is a great feeling. Everyone wants to do love with anyone. After falling in love, your life changes. Such as after getting to meet you, I changed totally. Without seeing you, I cannot imagine my day. You always made my day beautiful. You felt me special and made me feel that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. Thanks for being my life partner. ( Romantic Paragraphs for Him )

I was a negative girl. You filled the positivity in my life. You are my heartbeat. You are the one who always complimented me. You are a beautiful personality from inner and outer. I always love you and your all things and your all activities. You never want that my smile will fade so you always cared for me and loved me much. I am the kite and without you, I will be lost in this world. You are the one who has saved me. Thanks my dear love for giving me unconditional love and care.

You do not realize how much I love you. You don’t realize how much of a positive effect you have had on my life. You are the greatest boyfriend I have ever had. Since I have been with you, I have always been smiling.

True love is measured by how deep you fall and judged by how low you are willing to crawl, Just to save it and make it last It is determined by how willing you are to open up and offer your trust. It is hospitable, amazing at all times and always kind. It is never prejudiced, it is color blind.

Spending time with you is undoubtedly the greatest thing ever. It’s the most enjoyable thing I have ever done in my life. When I’m with you baby, I have the time of my life and time flies by. But when we are apart, every second is spent in agony waiting to see you again. I love you and I miss you so incredibly much, can’t wait to see you again!

I can say it a million times and it still won’t be enough: I LOVE YOU. Your love is amazing. It’s perfect. It’s GREAT. I’ve seen love before, but not like this. This love is absolutely exceptional. Thank you for being my partner.

Baby, you are my inspiration. I cannot fathom what I would be like without you in my life. Take everything away from me and you will be the only thing that I desire. All that I have for you is unconditional love. You have always been the shoulder I cry on. You and me forever!

My morning starts with your good morning messages. After seeing your face, I get out of bed. Your face a good luck charm for me. Everyone has a single life and I wish that I will live all life with you. I am a fan of your talks and I want that you talk to me all the time. I feel relax and stress-free when you talked to me with love. You are my moon. Everyone says that the moon is the beauty in the sky. But my moon is on the earth and this is you. You filled my life with happiness and I feel very lucky.

I just wanted to do something simple to say you’re amazing and to put that smile I love so much on your face. I want everyone to know how much you mean to me. Ever since you have entered my life, I’ve been flying on Cloud 9 and I have not come down yet. I still don’t know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life, my dream come true… I am so thankful though. In this short time that we’ve been together, we have grown so much and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Sometimes I wish every girl in this world should have a caring boyfriend like you. But then I realize that I would be extremely jealous if it happened. You are the only mine forever and I don’t want anyone to enjoy the love I have in life.

The only thing I want in my life is the presence of you. I may not always express my feelings but if you look into my eyes you will see there an ocean full of love, respect and care only for you!

Even if I could travel the entire universe looking for a perfect boyfriend, I would never be able to find someone like you. You are so uniquely made by God just to come into my life and make it wonderful. I love You so much!

Sweet Long Message and Paragraphs For Him

No matter how many times we fight or argue, I always want to work it out. No one could ever take your place. You are amazing in every way and I don’t know what I would do or where I would be if I never met you. You understand me like no one else can and I can truly relate to you in every way. I mean it when I say that I am yours, and you are mine. I love you and will always fight for you.

I just wanted to take this time to say thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for loving me and accepting me unconditionally and providing me with undivided love and attention. I thank you for all the laughs we’ve shared and the great times we have had. You’ve always been my rock in hard situations and the sunshine when its cloudy outside. You’re my everything and I LOVE YOU.

A boyfriend like you is like a bliss, I just want to seal my love with a kiss, I want to stay in your arms forever, I want to be yours my love, Stay as you are just perfect, My love for you will never change, I will love you more each day, Baby I love you so much!

You are the reason why I wake up with eyes full of dream. You are the reason why I go to sleep knowing everything is alright in my life. But most of all, you are the reason why I feel happy all the time.

Sometimes, I think that why you didn’t come into my life before. Where were you before that? You are such an amazing person. My heartbeat increases when you hugged me, and I feel safe in your buckle. Then I think that May the time stop and no one disturbed us. I do not share the moments with others that I spent with you. Due to you, I changed totally. I connected with all. If you will leave me, I will die and disconnect from all. You are the one with whom I am happy in my life and connected to all. I consider you my life. I would never want to lose you. ( Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste )

Sometimes, I think that why you didn’t come into my life before. Where were you before that? You are such an amazing person. My heartbeat increases when you hugged me, and I feel safe in your buckle. Then I wish may the time stop and no one will disturb us. I can’t share the moments with others that I spent with you. Due to you, I changed totally. I connected with all. If you will leave me, I will die and disconnect from all. You are the one with whom I am happy in my life and connected to all. I consider you my life. I would never want to lose you.

Those moments that we spent with each other, are memories for me ever. I always tell you that you are the beautiful person in my life. I can’t explain my feeling about you. I always want that my day may start with your wishes and may end with your love. I never want to think about anyone, because I am connected with you for my whole life. I am thankful to God because you are in my life. After falling in your love, I felt the life from much near. You gave a place to me in your life and how I can thank you for that. I think I had done good deeds in my previous life because you are in my life. You always did unconditional love to me. I hope we may always be happy and our life’s end happily.

I know you love me so much and no boundaries in our love. As the ocean never empties, just as my love for you will never diminish. When I see your face, I forget my all sorrows and feel stress-free. In my life, there is no a single day or night, when I didn’t remember you. You always revolve in my mind. You are like a sun in my life and you filled my life with lights and happiness. Although we are boyfriend or girlfriend, but we consider each other like best friends. I think our relationships like Tom and Jerry. Because we fight with each other and love each other. Due to your too much love and care for me, I also blindly believe in you and trust in you. I always appreciate you for your love and care for me. ( Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend Copy and Paste )

I can never sad because you are in my life. Such as the sunshine is needy for a body, just like your hug and kisses are needy for my soul. With your hug, I feel relax. For making my life, bright and charming, I am really thankful to you. I always say to I love you. But only those three words cannot express my love for you. You are amazing and I think that no one can love me like you. I can never expect anyone’s love without you and cannot think also. You are the only one who is my life partner and no one can change my mind. I have no reason to leave you. You are my heartbeat. Your full privilege is on me and this gives me happier. Sometimes I am afraid that no one may take you away from me. This afraid increases the love in my heart for you.

Growing old with you is the most wonderful feeling in this world. I look forward to the day when we will become old and look back to these amazing moments together. I love you now and I will still love you then.

Since you have come into my life, I have never known what sadness is. Today my life is full of positivity and hopes. I never thought someone could have such an impact on my life. I am lucky for the love you have given me.

Romantic Long Messages for Boyfriend

Words will not be enough to express my eternal love for you. My love for you is increasing day by day, and it feels amazing. You made me realize how true love feels like. I am the luckiest girl because I have you. Thank you for helping me grow into the girl I have become.

We fight, we cry, we love, and together we have much more to do. I feel so comfortable with you. You are the one with whom I can share everything without the fear of being judged. And, in my life, the only thing that matters is you. I love you, and I love that I have you.

No one will ever love you as much as I do. Unfortunately, that love makes me stingy – selfish. If I can’t have you when I want, I fear my mindset resembles that of a five year old brat in a supermarket crying and banging my head against the floor until blood comes out of my ears and my mother finally concedes and buys me the candy I wanted so badly. But…that makes me feel clingy. If I had it my way, you’d never leave my side and you’d be with me all day but…then you’d get tired of me. I know you would because I get tired of myself. The everyday blase experience of my presence would bore you right out the door.

Now, I think that how my life was bored when you were not in my life. I used to get up and did the daily routine work. My life was boring totally. But after your entry into my life, what I felt, I can’t tell in words. Now I cannot wake up without your good morning wishes and cannot sleep without your good night wishes. I share with you all the activities of my daily life. You have now become a part of my life. I am crazy for you because you love me too much.

Perhaps, you will know about our first meeting. After that, we became friends and then became best friends, and after that our love story begins. You always admired me. I am indebted to you. I always wish God for your good health. I do not ask for anything from God without you. Because, if you will be in my life, I guess I don’t want anything else. (Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend )

I am addicted to you. I cannot live without you for a second. I always wish that you may my husband because I want you may always stay with me. You always understand me and always support me. You are the one man in my life who encouraged me and that’s why today I got my aim. I pray to god the treasure of love in us may never diminish.

You made a special place in my heart. You gave me incredible love. I always want that my whole life may spend with you. I want to face the challenges with your support and I want your support for my whole life. I feel relaxed when I talk to you. You are my love charger.

You are the best part of my small world. I would be lost without you. I cannot imagine my life without you. The messy girl gets the most amazing boyfriend, and it’s a blessing, isn’t it? You made me a confident girl that I never imagined before! Thanks for everything you have done for me!

I thought that I would never find a love that is as strong as ours, but now that we’ve found each other I know that you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with the person I want to marry, the person I want to have babies with, and the person I want to grow old with. Baby, you complete me. You make my life so amazing and I don’t know how else to repay you but to love you just as much as you love me. The world is a better place for me because of you. Missing you with loads of love!

May this birthday shower you with an abundance of love and happiness; you deserve it. God gave me the opportunity to meet so many excellent people, but no one feels like you. You are my love, my friend, my guide, my everything. Seeing you growing as an adult man is amazing. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Every moment I spend with you is special, but and today is a different kind of special. Happy birthday to the king of my heart, who made my life feel like a fairy tale. I am going to make this the best birthday you ever had. I love you.

Happy birthday to the man who stole my heart. You light up my day and make me smile every day, no matter what. I pray that you God fills your life with infinite peace, prosperity, and happiness. You deserve it, babe.

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