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Retirement Wishes for Colleague : I am share with you best Retirement Wishes for Colleague that you can wish to your Retirement Wishes for Colleague and share your heart feeling to your friend and parents. Our wishes help you to share your inner felling and help to build strong bonds and make more deep relation between you and your lover.

Retirement Wishes for Colleague is the best way to celebrate this day and make this day so special in your life and of course you gonna mess this day. We are sharing with you best Retirement Wishes for Colleague internet collection.

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Retirement Wishes for Colleague

“Happy retirement, Mom! I’m so excited for you! You’ve worked hard for your team and for your family for many years. Glad you’ll have more time to spend with the family and more time to spend on your favorite hobbies. Here’s to the many years of camping, reading, gardening, and learning to come!”

“Congratulations on your retirement, Dad! We’re all proud of you and you deserve all the wonderful things to come. Can’t wait to be able to spend more time with you!”

“Congratulations, Jane! You’ve had a great career and I’m so glad you’ll have more time to spend with yourself, with your family, and with friends like me!”

“Congratulations on your retirement, Joe! You’re my brother-in-law, but I’ve always thought of you as a brother. You’ve always been dedicated to your job and I know you will be missed by your teammates. Happy retirement!”

It has been a pleasure working with you. I am wishing you a relaxing, fun, and long retirement. You will be missed. Congratulations on your retirement!

In the many years you have been in the office, you have made an undeniable difference. Congratulations on your retirement—it won’t be the same here without you!

I hope you will have a wonderful retirement! You will be missed, but never forgotten. You’ve done so much for all of us.

Thanks for all the great memories. Your contributions will never be forgotten. Happy retirement!

Congratulations on finding a job that you feel passionate about leaving.

Start listening to your heart… it’s the best gift you can give yourself when you retire. Congratulations.

The lights have dimmed and the cameras have stopped rolling. Life has yelled Pack Up, but there’s still time until The End. Congratulations.

Do you think that life after retirement is an adventure? Well, it is if you count trekking out of bed, climbing atop sofas and diving into takeaways. Have fun.

Thanks for making our work life much easier and funny. Now you can unwind your mind and spend some time with your family and best friends. May you get the best of everything in life.

No more targets, no more goals, no more KPIs and no more meetings. All there’s left to do now is to unfurl all the happiness that life has in store. Congratulations on your retirement.

After retirement the body grows older, the heart grows fonder and the mind becomes younger. All the best at trying to handle an old body with a young mind and fond heart.

We will miss your wisdom and experience, but most of all, we will miss the encouragement you have been to us. We wish you the happiest of retirements.

You will finally have time to ferret out that special fishing spot or to sleep through an afternoon game on TV. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Congratulations on your retirement.

All your life you were wondering why you tolerated an annoying boss and put up with irritating colleagues – retirement is the answer. Congratulations.

You are the kind of people that brings the best in others! Thank you for everything you did. Wishing you a life full of success and happiness!

Congratulations for gaining two new best friends upon your retirement. Their names are Bed and Couch. You will be hanging out with them a lot.

Don’t retire with regrets of what you couldn’t do. Retire with ambitions of what you will do now. Congratulations.

“Congratulations on finding a job that you feel passionate about leaving.”

Your boss is, believe it or not, just another person. Make his or her retirement day the icing on the cake of a fulfilling career, by acknowledging them with a cute or formal send-off note.

Retirement — ah, the sweet reward for all the bitter battles fought in the boardroom. Congratulations.

Most managers hate to retire; without a staff, it marks the pivotal point when they actually have to start doing all their work themselves. Enjoy!

The first week of retirement will feel like Freedom. The second week will feel like a vacation. The third week of retirement will feel like the beginning of lifelong captivity at home. Happy retirement, Boss!

Realize that your retirement is a just an illusion: your spouse will become your new boss and your grandchildren become your full-time millennial employees. Happy retirement.

Dear Boss, as you start to pack up and retire today, we confess we liked annoying you in every possible way.

Please remember that no matter how much everyone wishes you well for your retirement, deep down inside… they’re just happy that you’re leaving. ?

Well, I’m glad that you’re finally retiring; now I’ll be able to tell you anything I want, without worrying about getting sacked. Good luck.

Let me present this in a way you’ll appreciate: in terms of profit and loss, your retirement is a loss for your colleagues, and a profit for your family. Farewell.

Your retirement is nothing short of a glorious achievement: not every leader can retire with such grace, dignity, respect and a teary-eyed farewell from the whole office. Congratulations, Boss

Congratulations on your retirement! There is a world of possibilities ahead of you, and I wish you the best on your next adventure!

You were a great colleague to work with, you’re going to be missed. Enjoy your retirement!

Wishing you good health, happiness, and success as you move forward to this next chapter in your life!

I wish you a wonderful future with lots of time to enjoy with your family, friends, and hobbies. Congratulation, and enjoy your retirement!

Congratulations on your retirement. May you live your best life from here on out!

You are a hard worker and optimist. Thank you for bringing so much joy and dedication to the office. We will miss you! Have fun with your retirement!

“So happy that you’re going to retire grandma! I cannot wait to see you more and to be able to spend more time with you. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve to relax and retire. “

“I remember the first time we met like it was yesterday, it was back in 2015 when I first joined the team. You helped to onboard me and taught me all the tools the team uses — from the first day on the team you always made me feel comfortable asking questions and coming to you for advice. You’ll be missed and I wish you good health, financial security, and a long retirement.”

A wife’s full-time job starts when her husband retires.

Consider this an extended vacation that never ends… Only you don’t get paid days off.

You leave your old boss in the past after retirement and start life with your new boss, your wife. Good luck my friend!

Travel, relax, enjoy life and spend all the kids’ inheritance (they will never know, ha ha ha). Best wishes.

Now that you have your boss off your back, you can do what you want, when you want! — As long as your wife approves, of course. (hah)

I’m sure you thought this day would never come… Well, other than for that calendar you had on your wall, counting down the last months and days until your retirement, hah! Time to live it up!

Retirement is life’s greatest tease. You have more free time than a 13-year-old but your energy levels are worse than a fifty year old.

Say goodbye to slow Mondays and pointless staff meetings!

We hate to see you go, but love to see you walk away… into retirement, that is! Ha. Congratulations, you deserve it!

Now that you have retired, what are you going to do with all of that free time? I could fill up your Mondays with coffee and gossip? What do you say? Enjoy yourself out there!

Retiring means less responsibility and “almost” no work. Please let me know if you need help finding things to do, my garage could use a once-over. Hah! Congrats!


“It’s been such a pleasure to have been able to work with you these last 15 years. We first met when we worked as community volunteer coordinators in 2006. You immediately impressed me with your attention to detail, dedication, expenses and budget management, and your sincerity when working and getting to know our volunteers. Working alongside you on various volunteer opportunities, you’ve taught me a host of wonderful things over the years and for that I will be forever grateful. You will be missed!”

“Congratulations on your retirement, boss! I remember the first time we met during my interview — you spoke to me with sincerity, you showed me your passion for the job, and I instantly recognized your leadership skills. It’s been a wonderful experience to have you as my boss, and I am glad to see your retirement plan happen. I’ll be saving you a spot at my table anytime when we’re able to get together and I can express my gratitude to you in person.”

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