Brie Larson: 15 Facts About Brie Larson Fans Didn't Know

Brie Larson isn't her given name, and her stage name was inspired by an American Girl Doll.

Larson's first acting gig was for Jay Leno.


Her first celebrity autograph was from Meat Loaf.

She once jumped out of a window at a college party.


Larson had a cameo in "13 Going on 30."


Larson also appeared alongside Chris Evans in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."

Larson is a musician, and she had a record deal at the beginning of her career.

She has some solid go-to karaoke songs.

She forages for mushrooms in her free time.

She's a huge Nintendo gamer.


Larson confined herself to her home for a month to get in the mindset for her role in "Room."


Larson and Samuel L. Jackson worked together before "Captain Marvel."

Larson auditioned for several big franchises before landing the leading role in "Captain Marvel."

Despite having a feline friend in "Captain Marvel," Larson is allergic to cats.

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