7 Benefits of Vitamin A for Men and Women

7 Benefits of Vitamin A for Men and Women

Besides being touted for good vision, vitamin A may get slightly less fanfare than other "star" vitamins.

But vitamin A's benefits seem to be dependent on getting the right amount of this antioxidant: Too little or too much vitamin A can be harmful to your health.

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1. Vitamin A Protects Your Eyes One of the most notable benefits of vitamin A is that it can help protect your vision, particularly in the dark.

2. Vitamin A Supports Your Immune System By eating a diet rich in vitamin A, you may be able to better ward off infections.

3. Vitamin A Is a Protective Antioxidant The carotenoid beta-carotene (which turns into vitamin A in the body) is an antioxidant

4. Vitamin A Promotes Growth and Reproduction Another important vitamin A benefit is that it's part of the reproductive process, enabling the growth of sperm and eventually the growth of a baby.

5. Vitamin A Is Linked to a Lower Risk of Certain Cancers One of many potential vitamin A benefits is that it may lower your risk of certain types of cancer

6. Vitamin A Is Tied to Helping Maintain Healthy Bones Vitamin A plays an important role in the growth of bones and teeth, per the University of Rochester Medical Center.

7. Vitamin A Might Help Soothe Acne There are some links between vitamin A and an improvement in acne.

All About Vitamin A Deficiency Although Vitamin A deficiency is rare in Western countries, it can still occur.

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency may include: – Fatigue – Susceptibility to infections – Severe dryness of the eye (xerophthalmia) – Night blindness – Irregular patches on the white of eyes – Dry skin or hair – Infertility

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7 Benefits of Vitamin A for Men and Women

By Sahil Saifi