10 Benefits of Vitamin D for Men and Women

10 Benefits of Vitamin D for Men and Women

Contrary to what you've likely heard countless times, vitamin D isn't really beamed into your skin straight from the sun.

In fact, the "sunshine vitamin" isn't even a vitamin at all — it's actually a group of hormones, according to the Hormone Health Network.

At the scientific level, vitamin D is a group of hormones produced by a chemical reaction when you eat certain foods or absorb sunlight through your skin

1. Vitamin D Can Support Bone Health Vitamin D is necessary for helping your body build strong and healthy bones

Here are all the benefits of vitamin D for your body.

2. It Benefits the Immune System Vitamin D also plays a role in nerve signaling and in regulating the immune system, Bjorklund says.

3. Vitamin D Is Linked to Improved Muscle Health Getting adequate vitamin D (more on that below) is also necessary for your muscle health and strength

4. Vitamin D Is Linked to Better Brain Health Especially early in life, vitamin D plays a big role in your overall brain development and function

5. Vitamin D Is Tied to Good Gut Health The vitamin can also help regulate your gut health, according to an August 2018 study in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences .

Sunlight As a Key Source Exposure to sunlight is crucial to help your body make vitamin D. In fact, according to a June 2019 article in StatPearls , 50 to 90 percent of the vitamin D in your body is accrued through sun exposure (specifically, UVB rays).

Other common vitamin D deficiency symptoms include: – Frequent illness – Fatigue – Bone or back pain – Muscle pain – Hair loss

Vitamin D deficiency more often shows up in older adults and people with darker skin pigmentation, according to the NIH.

If you work indoors or habitually avoid the sun by staying in the shade or wearing protective clothing, you're also at risk.

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10 Benefits of Vitamin D for Men and Women

By Sahil Saifi