10 Benefits of Vitamin D for Men and Women

10 Benefits of Vitamin D for Men and Women

Vitamin E may not get the same hype as other vitamins (ahem, vitamin D), but the nutrient is just as essential for health.

Getting vitamin E on your plate is extra important; E boasts both antioxidant and immune-boosting properties.

Vitamin E is one of the four fat-soluble vitamins along with vitamins A, D and K. As a fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin E gets stored in fat tissue in the body and is also best absorbed when consumed along with a source of healthy fat

1. It's Linked to Brain Health This antioxidant vitamin might play a role in keeping your brain sharp as you age.

Here are all the benefits of vitamin E for your body.

2. It Boasts Antioxidant Properties "Vitamin E's main role is to act as an antioxidant, collecting and grabbing free radicals that can damage the body by weakening and breaking down healthy cells

3. It Helps Support Your Immune System Though more research is needed, there is some evidence that suggests vitamin E helps your immune system with effects that may improve our resistance against infections

Vitamin E Deficiencies "Vitamin E deficiency is typically fairly rare, but does still happen in specific cases," says Smith.

Top Food Sources of Vitamin E

– Wheat germ oil: 20.3 mg, 135% DV in 1 tablespoon – Sunflower seeds: 7.4 mg, 49% DV in 1 ounce – Almonds: 6.8 mg, 45% DV in 1 ounce – Sunflower oil: 5.6 mg, 37% DV in 1 tablespoon

– Safflower oil: 4.6 mg, 31% DV in 1 tablespoon – Peanut butter: 2.9 mg, 19% DV in 2 tablespoons – Peanuts: 2.2 mg, 15% DV in 1 ounce – Boiled spinach: 1.9 mg, 13% DV in ½ cup – Boiled broccoli: 1.2 mg, 8% DV in ½ cup

The upper limit for vitamin E is 1000 milligrams (or 1465 IU) for adults 19 and older, Smith says, so be sure to check that you're not overdoing it with your supplement.

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Benefits of Vitamin E

By Sahil Saifi