Benefits of Yoga That Will Make You Fit

Benefits of Yoga That Will Make You Fit 

Starting a regular yoga practice might seem daunting at first, but over time, many yogis come to appreciate the physical, mental and emotional benefits so much, they never miss a day on the mat.

Even if you practice the same sequence day-in and day-out, you'll notice that your body never quite feels the same — and neither does your mind.

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1. Yoga Is Linked to Better Brain Health


In today's always-on-the-run world, your mind may be constantly spinning — thinking about what happened previously

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2. It May Ease Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Yoga has long been linked to better emotional wellbeing.

"Just the simple act of taking a few deep breaths can help ease the mind and reduce stress as your body moves through poses

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3. It's a Good Cross-Training Workout


Yoga complements plenty of other activities that work your muscles in different ways. "Many professional sports teams now include yoga as part of their practice

If you're already a fitness buff — be it a runner, cyclist, tennis player or weight-lifter — try taking a page from the pros and add some yoga to the mix.

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4. Yoga May Help You Sleep Better


If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, yoga could deliver sound sleep. Practicing yoga regularly can help people with insomnia fall asleep faster and sleep for longer

Through breath and movement, yoga teaches you how to regulate your energy state.

Mindful yoga practices can activate the parasympathetic nervous system to initiate the relaxation response, which in turn drains off excess nervous energy and lowers arousal levels

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5. It Can Be Customized for All Fitness Levels


Yoga allows you to move at your own pace and push yourself as little or as much as you'd like

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6. Yoga Improves Flexibility


For those who struggle to touch their toes, yoga may (gradually) help.

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7. It Inspires Self-Confidence


Mastering new poses expands your confidence in your physical strength and your ability to learn something new.

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It May Ease Joint Pain


Those with arthritis might find themselves especially inspired to take up yoga. Studies of people with various types of arthritis

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13 Benefits of Yoga That Will Make You Fit 

By Sahil Saifi