The Best Types of Exercise for Arthritis

The Best Types of Exercise for Arthritis

Because both aerobic exercise and strength training improve body composition, doing either one — and ideally both — can help improve arthritis symptoms, Dr. Andonian says.

Other types of activity that you may want to try include range-of-motion and body awareness exercises, according to the American College of Rheumatology.

Here are some examples of these four main types of exercise, plus good options for people with arthritis:

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Aerobic (Cardio)


– Walking – Dancing – Water aerobics – Swimming – Cycling

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Strength Training


– Body-weight exercises – Weight lifting – Resistance band exercises

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Range-of-Motion Exercises


– Stretching – Yoga – Tai chi

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Body Awareness Workouts:


– Balance exercises – Tai chi – Yoga

If you're just starting an exercise program, one of the best things you can do is commit to an activity that you like to do, and one that's also compatible with your schedule and lifestyle.

"Keeping up a program in the long-term has got to be enjoyable," Dr. Andonian says.

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The Best Types of Exercise for Arthritis

By Sahil Saifi