Best Health Benefits of Walking

Best Health Benefits of Walking

Intense workouts like running and HIIT often steal the spotlight when people think about forms of exercise that come with a lot of physical and mental health benefits. But walking has tons of benefits, too.

From lowering your body fat percentage to toning your abs, easing lower back pain and reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke, lacing up for a jaunt around the block does wonders for your body.

What's more, it's absolutely free and and you don't need a lot of time: Only 15 to 40 minutes a day five days a week can help improve your health.

1. Linked to Lower Rates of Depression Higher levels of physical activity — like walking for an hour — has been linked to lower rates of depression,

Here are all the benefits of Health Benefits of Walking for your body.

2. Can Help Reduce Stress Take your walking into the great outdoors and you'll decrease stress levels, both physically and psychologically

3. Associated With Longer Life Expectancy Staying physically active has been tied to a longer life

4. Helps Keep Your Knees Healthy and Pain-Free Walking is low-impact, meaning it's easier on your joints (especially your knees) than a high-impact activity like running.

5. May Lower the Risk of Hip Fractures A 2014 study from the American Journal of Public Health states, "Walking is a relatively safe and easy activity for hip fracture prevention

6. Might Lower the Risk and Severity of a Stroke The more you walk, the lower your risk of stroke, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

7. Linked to Lower Rates of Cardiovascular Disease The American Heart Association advocates for walking as part of a strategy for reducing the risk of heart disease

8. Associated With Fewer and Less Severe Colds A May 2017 study from PLoS One found that those who were less active reported more sick days at work

9. Linked to Lower Blood Pressure People who took about 12,000 steps a day over the course of six months improved both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure

10. Associated With Lower Levels of Anxiety When combined with a bit of moving meditation, walking can help boost your mental health and ease anxiety

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11 Best Health Benefits of Walking

By Sahil Saifi