Best At-Home Exercises for Women

Best At-Home Exercises for Women

The meat of what your at-home workout entails is entirely up to you. To get the most bang for your buck, lean into compound exercises — or movements that target multiple muscle groups at once

Boston-based personal trainer, offers up four excellent moves to incorporate into your routine

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Move 1: Squat and Press


A squat to press is a great total-body, low-impact exercise. "You'll get your heart rate up quickly without putting excessive pressure on your joints,"

Bailey says. "Plus you're engaging your lower body with the squat, your upper body on the press and your core to stabilize the full movement together."

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Move 2: Rotating Plank


–Your core is one of the most important muscle groups in your body, supporting you through day-to-day movement. Rotating planks are one of the better core-strengthening exercises because they don't just isolate the core,

you're also engaging your shoulders, back, glutes and quads, adds Bailey. "It's more bang for your buck."

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Move 3: Double Crunch


This exercise strengthens your lower abs, says Bailey, stressing the importance of keeping your lower back glued to the floor throughout.

"I had a mentor trainer years ago tell me to think like there's a line of ants crawling under the small curve of your back and you need to squish the ants. It really stuck with me."

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Move 4: Flutter Kicks


This one works your full abdominals — and can be super difficult, says Bailey. "The feeling you'll get — especially in those lower abs that women are often trying to target

is brutal," she says. "This is a great go-to movement to add to your at home routine."

If you're just starting an exercise program, one of the best things you can do is commit to an activity that you like to do, and one that's also compatible with your schedule and lifestyle.

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1. From standing, fold at the hips until your hands reach the floor in front of you. 2. Walk forward on your hands until you reach plank position, keeping your legs straight. 3. Walk your hands back in and return to standing.

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Move 2: Mountain Climbers


1. Start in a plank. 2. Alternate bringing your right and left knee toward your chest. 3. Keep switching legs as you pick up the pace.

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At-Home Workout for Women With Busy Schedules

By Sahil Saifi