60+ Best Wedding Captions for Instagram

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Wedding Captions for Instagram

⚜️ A caption for someone who is engaged and reminding her bridesmaids to feel free and confident in their wedding outfits on the big day

Our wedding was such a dream. We’re so happy to start our lives together as husband and wife. ❤️ #brangelinawedding

Thanks to the greatest love story of all time, you’re invited to a wedding. We’re so happy for you and your lovebirds. May you guys enjoy many years of happiness and togetherness.

Once you decide on your #thehappiestday of your life, the next step is to pick a photographer who will create images for you that are even happier.

May your marriage be filled with endless love and laughter, as well as shared dreams, adventures, and lots of cute puppies.

True love is about growing together, not looking apart. Thanks for the memories @xxxx ? #weddingday

Just married…

Call me Mrs.

Bridezilla? Who, me?

Me, myself, and I do.

Does this dress make me look like a Mrs.?

My favorite part of my wedding was realizing that I didn’t have to plan it anymore.

Pop the Champagne—I’m changing my last name!

Finally got my fairy-tale ending.

This photo was taken *before* I started crying.

Walked down an aisle and found my forever.

Now we can hang out forever!

It was love at first swipe.

He stole my heart so I’m taking his last name.

All of my smiles start with you.

You’re my person, forever.

I do, we did.

Eat, drink, and be married.

Locked in for life!

We did a thing.

They got married. I got drunk.

“Trust me, you can dance.” —Champagne

Congratulations to the happy couple! Yes, I’m still single.

Sip, sip, hooray!
Thanks for including us in your big day!

Bridezilla? Who, me?

There are two things I want to do before I die: Travel. And get married. I just might use that as my wedding toast…

Nothing says “I love you” more than spending the rest of your life with someone.

This love story begins with a smile, a whisper, and a kiss ?

The thing that makes wedding planning so stressful and crazy is also the thing that makes it so fun. All of the love, time, effort, thoughtfulness, and conversations go into making a celebration of two people who love each other. It

Taking on a new chapter of matrimony! Love, [Bride & Groom’s First Names]

A fall wedding with striking centrepieces of red and orange dahlias, surrounded by gold mums, daisies, and more.

Feeling my vibe lately #bride #wedding #vodaBride

Real wedding, real love. #plumegweddings2017

It was love at first sight. Now, months later… we’re madly in love (and can’t get enough of each other.)

June wedding.”The dress doesn’t make the man». Well, it goes perfectly with the arm and the wrist of the groom ?

Love doesn’t need a reason, it needs a ring. #Engaged #WeddingDay

I’ve loved you as a friend, but I love you so much more than that. You’re the other half of me… now and forever.

Light a candle, play your favorite music and think about that one special person who lights up your world.

Celebrate the unstoppable feeling of love with wedding savings. Find extras at Wedding.com.

Tie the Knot. The first time our parents met, they were 12 and 13. 37 years later, they couldn’t be happier! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!- Mandy and Alex.

Your parents and friends aren’t just there to see you get married. They’re there to celebrate a new love story ? ?

There’s only one place in the world I can think of where you can be sure of finding love, and that’s at a wedding.

☀? Happy Bridesmaids Weekend!?☀

You have enriched my life in ways you will never know. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. #thankful❤

Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let go of it.

When you find someone who gets you, who keeps your secrets, who loves you for exactly what you are and just that. ❤️️

I have no words other than you beautiful soul ✨

You put the “perfect” in imperfection. I love you. ?

Family, friends & love. The recipe for the perfect wedding day. Cheers to you both!

The most beautiful part of celebrating your wedding is celebrating the new chapter with your favorite people. We love to play a small part in this amazing journey. #happywedding #honeymoon

When it’s just us, and the glittering city is our backdrop—that’s how we like to dance. ?❤️ #wedding #dance

May your marriage be filled with adventure, joy & laughter.

Being part of this wedding has been such an incredible experience, we couldn’t have been happier on the best day ever ?

Celebrate love. Celebrate family. Celebrate friendship.

Celebrating with our favorite people @ xxxxxxxxx Thank you all for sharing this amazing day with us!

Married to my best friend.

When you find the one, let her search for words. Let her try to express those unexplainable feelings that come from ❤️.

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health—five Instagram caption ideas to remember on your wedding day.

Wishing you the most wonderful of nuptials and a lifetime of joy. #weddingday #bride

One year ago you said, “I do.” What an exciting adventure our first year together has been! With so many memories to share and so much love in our hearts, we can’t wait to begin another year of marriage

Me, myself, and I do.

Does this dress make me look like a Mrs.?

This photo was taken *before* I started crying.

Mark this day in a calendar as a special one—I’m getting a husband!

When I met you, I forgot what life was like without you.

Marriage looks like a walk in a park. Jurassic Park…

Can we skip all these official parts and ceremonies and proceed to serving the cake?

I don’t know what is going on here. I just came for cake.

I will come alone to the wedding party, but could you serve me the cake and champagne for two?

Love’s in the air!

Oh snap, I got a selfie with the bride.

Check out her bling!

We’ve decided on forever.

Still falling for you, even harder than before

Wedding Captions for the Married Couple

Now we can hang out forever!

It was love at first swipe.

He stole my heart so I’m taking his last name.

All of my smiles start with you.

He liked it so he put a ring on it.

Just married!

All you need is love.

You’re my person, forever.

I do, we did.

Together is a wonderful place to be.

Eat, drink, and be married.

Sh*t just got real.

Happily ever after starts now.

My ride or die. Seriously, it’s legal now.

You’re my lobster.

Locked in for life!

All because two people fell in love.

We did a thing.

Lucky to be in love with my best friend.

You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.

Funny Wedding Guest Captions

They got married. I got drunk.

Now accepting applications for new, single friends.

I’m here for the cake.

Thanks to [bride and groom] for showing me what love looks like.

“Trust me, you can dance.” —Champagne

Congratulations to the happy couple! Yes, I’m still single.

Thanks for having an open bar including us in your big day!

Sip, sip, hooray!

My favourite people finally met their match.

It’s about time!

Wedding Captions for the Bride

I said, “Yaaaassss!”

The party don’t start until bride walks in.

Sounds of laughter, mingle with the scent of handmade wreaths and cinnamon candles; this is the season for romance. ✨

? Congrats on your wedding ? We hope you’re in it for a lifetime ❤️ #wedding #bridetobe

And now that we’re married, I’ve got 15 best friends. Elaine and I are so happy you’ll be part of our new family circle—our two families have always been close, and that makes it even more

Thanks for being the beau I can’t wait to spend forever with! ? #engagementphotos

Happy Anniversary! Here’s to an amazing year of adventures together. I love you #anniversary #wedding

We had an amazing weekend celebrating two of our favorite people. We wish you nothing but joy and happiness. XO ?

We love you, Emma Jean. Happy 20th.

Oh, how he loves you so… Let your wedding photos be the reminder that he does every day.

June 4th, 2014. Happily ever after starts here. #‎HaveYouMetSylviaOrtiz #‎WeddingCeremony

Weddings are about celebrating the start of a new adventure with family and friends. Congrats and cheers for the journey ahead‼️

Because it’s almost summer, I’d like to remind you that it’s time to renew your vows and trade in your old vows for something more romantic.

When you love someone, it is hard not to look at them in the eyes and feel like you are falling in

love all over again. Congratulations

Two people. Two hearts. One love that will last forever. Congrats to Mr and Mrs Smith ??

Walking down the aisle to you is all I’ve ever wanted.

Sunday morning: 1. coffee, 2. crossword, 3. wildflower bouquet

I said yes! ?

Just the two of us, surrounded by an endless sea of other people.

No one ever said it would be easy . . . is what I keep telling myself after all these months of wedding planning. Right?! But we are so ready to share our love and start our journey as husband and wife. We have had so much

Full of love, laughter, and maybe even a few tears, there’s no better way to celebrate the beginning of forever than a wedding.

Mike & Michelle September 19th, 2018 #justmarried

Lizzy and Chris said, “I do” – again – in a ceremony at the Maui Tropical Plantation. Their first Maui marriage didn’t last, as a drunken Lizzy eloped with her now-ex-

May your married life be filled with days full of little gestures that come from the heart. And when the day comes that you pledge your love, may it be filled with little moments that mean so much.

Going to my own wedding today. Good thing only the dog has fathered children. _

It only took two dates for me to realize that you are amazing.

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Wedding Captions for Instagram

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