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5th Birthday Wishes :  In this post you will find out the best collection of 5th Birthday Wishes for daughter and 5th Birthday Wishes for son. so doesn’t mater today is your daughter birthday or son birthday you can find wishes for both them. We have more then 100 collection of wishes for your daughter and son to celebrate their birthday.

5th Birthday Wishes is so special for your as parent this is time when your baby become more mature so lets make this day so special and celebrate it with lot of happiness You are so happy and luckiest person because you have cute baby and now they gonna turn 5 years old that means lot of happiness moment for your life.

So here you can find 5th Birthday Wishes for daughter and 5th Birthday Wishes for son to celebrate their birthday. We also attached some more images to that help to show your feeling though our wishes and images for 5th Birthday Wishes.

Funny 5th Birthday Wishes

The best things in life are shared, so on this special day, don’t forget to share everything with your friends, including your presents.
Congratulations on your 5th birthday dear! I wish you strength and lots of breath to blow out so many candles!
Happy 5th Birthday honey! I wish you all the best, including my company! Hehehe. Have fun.
Just like good wine, you are aging better and better. Congratulations on your 5th birthday my love!
12345. Its your day. Happy birthday five years old.
Two people are definitely good at home, but I understand what it means to be three in the house, we fight for the love of the third. Heheheh, happy 5th birthday my girl. Love you.
Congratulations on your 5th birthday honey. I hope your day is as fun and amazing and as I am. Cheers!
There are some things I imagined and dreamt of but I couldn’t achieve, I hope you will fulfill some of these dreams. Happy 5th birthday my son, May God lead you through life.
Happy 5th birthday! Keep following your dreams and you’ll see them come true. We are very proud of you!
Here are 5 kisses, 5 hugs, 5 tickles, 5 smiles, 5 cuddles and 5 cheers to make sure you have a fun 5th birthday!
Wonderful birthday! You know, kid, you’re cool, and so should your next year be! Make it fun!
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Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! That’s how much fun you should have when you turn 5! Happy 5th birthday!
You fill our days with glee. Hope your special day is as gleefully gleeful. Happy 5th birthday!
Wonderful bday! Let’s party and make this day unforgettable! Enjoy every minute!
We’ve waited all year for this day to arrive. It’s your birthday, and now you are five!
You are going to have to remind not to act like an old man little one. Happy 5th birthday.
May all your wishes come true as you blow out those 5 candles. I wish you good health, happiness and a whole lot of happy memories. I love you.
Enjoy your 5th birthday darling, I hope you make a lot of unforgettable memories and share a lot of unforgettable moments. You are awesomely awesome kiddo.
you make me proud, glad, happy and I will always be your biggest fan
There is nothing more you can do to be so loveable. Happy 5th birthday! We are going to make this such an awesome birthday party. Let’s get it started.

Hey little one. You are growing up to become someone truly special. I know this because I know both your parents are someone very special. So you got very lucky.


5th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 5th birthday sweetie, you are an amazing kid and I hope you get to enjoy this day. I love you so much and hope you always remember you mean a lot to me.
The little baby of few years back is now a big girl, we have joy for bringing you into this world but we found joy that you became part of our lives.
This is going to be an awesome party! Pinatas, candy, cake, music, dancing. What else could you need from a birthday party? Have a lovely day baby girl.
I lost love in my life when I lose your mother, but seeing as a replica of hers filled me with so much of gladness. I love you my baby girl.
Happy 5th birthday to a very, very special girl in my life! We hope that you’ll find your birthday celebration to be as unique and amazing as you are!
It’s only right that we celebrate our sweetest girl’s birthday when she’s turning 5! You have learned plenty within these short years, and we’re so excited to watch you grow up!
Happy 5th birthday! Wishing you a special day that’s seven times better than the best birthday you’ve ever had.
Happy 5th birthday! May all of your dreams come true this year (and some of mine, too), for this is a lucky year!
What a lovely day! The room is filled with your colorful presents, your cuddly and adorable friends and your huge birthday cake! Best fifth birthday!
The Fifth is blessed, always and forever. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
One is done. Two is through. Three did flee. Four’s out the door. Five is now live!
Happy 5th birthday. Five is fabulously, fantastically fun…just like you!
You may be a big girl now that you’re 5 years old, you can even wear your shoes and dresses on your own! To us, you’ll always be our special little girl. Happy birthday!

This is one of the most beautiful days of the year. Because it’s my dear son’s birthday. Sending all the beautiful wishes and love for my dear son who has turned 5 today, happy birthday to you.

I am wishing all the best for my dear son on his 5th birthday, we love you, son.

5th Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Today, my dear son has turned 5 and it’s an amazing day for the entire family. We are going to celebrate this day with so much fun and happiness, Happy 5th Birthday to you, dear son.
We are so happy and lucky to have a smart boy like you, thank you so much for making our life awesome, Happy 5th Birthday to you.
Sending all the love and blessings for my dear son who is turning 5 today, I hope you will be someone very special someday, I love you, dear son, happy birthday to you.
Thank you so much for making our life colorful, happy 5th birthday to you, dear son.
Happy 5th birthday to the sweetest girl in the class! There’s no doubt that you make us happy everyday, and all of us wish you a happy, happy birthday in return!
How you send flutters in my heart with just your lovely smile. How you clear the stress away with just your adorable hug. Such a ray of sunbeams and a prism of rainbow you are! Best fifth birthday, little sweet one.
Five wishes for turning 5: blossoming health, a treasure-full of wealth, a jarful of blessings, sweet and happy moments and another year of awesome wonders. Happy birthday you adorable tyke!
Five is a lucky number. Five is a great year to be. Five is filled with fun surprises! Give me a high five and let’s rock this party!
It’s still amazing how small you are! You’re five years old now, and we know you’ll be growing up in the blink of an eye. Happy birthday and have a blessed birthday!
Happy 5th sweetheart, you make my heart swell with so much joy, I will never take this day for granted, will forever and always love you darling.
I know you are good at math girl, count your fingers and your toes, then add them together, then divide them by four, that’s your present age. Happy 5th birthday. Increase in every way.
Happy fifth birthday sweetheart, you make me proud, glad, happy and I will always be your biggest fan. Love you so much.
You are the coolest kid around. Happy 5th birthday young one. Smile. You are awesome!
Wow! You are so big for such a young one. I see wonderful things for you in the future. Happy 5th birthday!
You have no idea how much happiness you brought to your parents. Everyone here was losing their minds by how often your cuteness made them laugh.
I wonder why your mom and I didn’t name you cute, because that is your true identity whenever anyone gazes upon you. Happy 5th birthday cute little baby. May you enjoy longevity of life.
Happy 5th birthday
When I was told my wife gave birth to a girl, I was scared because I thought she’ll love me less. But I’m glad that you love me even more than her.
Happy 5th birthday darling, you are such a princess and I am glad you are growing into a beautiful queen. I wish you the best, always dear.
Happy 5th birthday! This is going to be an awesome time to be alive as I got you something that is guaranteed to make you scream.

5th Birthday Wishes for Daughter Image


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5th Birthday Wishes for Son

Five years ago, God blessed us with your presence. Five years later today, you are a bright little boy with so much for us to look forward to! We can’t wait to see how you’ll grow up someday.
Happy 5th birthday to my precious birthday boy! The future is going to look bright with so many people loving your joyfulness and loving traits.
Happy 5th birthday, little boy! Everyone around you falls in love with you instantly, and it’s so easy to see why! We love you very much, now and always.
Here’s to our little superhero’s 5th birthday! Your love for different heroes and stories as you grow up will change, but our love for you never will.
Our beloved son is turning 5 today! Happy birthday to you, and we wish you good health, good luck and laughter all year round!
I hope very soon you will uncover all the good that is hidden in you; I am earnestly waiting for that to happen. Happy 5th birthday baby boy. May you become better than what we are today.
You are the world’s greatest kid and five makes you even five times greater. Happy 5th birthday!
May all your 5-year-old dreams come true soon! Happy 5th birthday!
Congratulations! You get to be 5 for an entire year!
Happy 5th birthday! 5 year olds rule, especially you.
No one can call you a little kid any more. You’re 5 now!
Happy 5th birthday to the coolest 5-year-old kid anywhere! Now that’s cool!
You are so big for such a young one. I see wonderful things for you in the future. Happy 5th birthday!
There’s something pretty amazing about your 5th birthday: you. Happy birthday, sweetie!
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Give me 5! That’s how old you are now!

5th Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Turning five means you have become 5 times cuter, 5 times smarter, 5 times taller, 5 times sweeter and 5 times cooler! Happy birthday!
My dear sweet baby, no matter how old you grow, I will forever see the entire galaxy of stars in your bright big eyes. Your smile will always be brighter than the sun and your cheeks the refuge of my silly kisses. Happy fifth birthday sweetheart.
Look at you! So full of energy, so smart and so adorable! This family won’t be as happy and bright without you, my darling. Happy fifth birthday, my sweet sunshine.
Happy birthday little boy. How old are you, fifty? I’m just kidding. I know you are like forty. I love you. Enjoy your special day.
Have a beautiful celebration my dear, you are an amazing person and I will always love and be here for you. Have a blast little one.
Happy 5th birthday. You are the Coolest kid around Smile You are awesome.
Birthdays bring people together, look around, all these people are here because they love you and hold you in high regards. So cheers to your 5th birthday baby boy.
For every parent looking for a child, my prayer is that they’ll get a boy like you because you are such a troublemaker and a lovely lad still.
You amaze me every single day little one. It’s amazing how fast you grow and even more amazing how fast you learn. Happy 5th birthday! Don’t get old too fast.
Difficult to believe we have passed through so many years in our marriage and so many years with you in our lives, it looked like forever already. Happy 5th birthday daughter. Have lots of fun.

5th Birthday Wishes for Son Image

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5th Birthday Wishes from Mother/Mom/Parents

To me the best thing in this world is to become your mom, I love you, dear son, Happy 5th Birthday to you.
On your 5th birthday, I am feeling very proud of you and praying for your good future, Happy Birthday to you, son.
You brought so much energy, positivity, and love in our family, thank you so much for making our life awesome, Happy 5th Birthday to you.
Happy 5th Birthday to the most handsome and smart boy in this world, we love you so much.
I am the proudest mother in this world to have a wonderful son like you, Happy 5th Birthday to you, dear.
Dear son, you came with all the happiness and joy with you, Happy 5th Birthday to you.
I can’t believe that we have spent 5 years together, I feel like you came to our life a few months ago. But now you are a grown kid and you have proved your smartness, again and again, Happy 5th Birthday to you, dear son.
 I can’t stop being happy for you, dear son. You are the most important gift from me from almighty Allah. I have blessed with you 5 years ago, and it’s your birthday today, Happy Birthday to you.

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