Best Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl, for Son

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes : In this post you will find out the best collection of Happy 4th Birthday Wishes and Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for son. so doesn’t mater today is your daughter birthday or son birthday you can find wishes for both them. We have more then 100 collection of wishes for your daughter and son to celebrate their birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes is so special for your as parent this is time when your baby become more mature so lets make this day so special and celebrate it with lot of happiness You are so happy and luckiest person because you have cute baby and now they gonna turn 4 years old that means lot of happiness moment for your life.

So here you can find Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for daughter and Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for son to celebrate their birthday. We also attached some more images to that help to show your feeling though our wishes and images for Happy 4th Birthday Wishes.


Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

My only wish for your 4th birthday is for it to be four times as magical as your third one. May you have the most wonderful birthday today!
Now that you are 4 years old, you can eat more slices of cake than when you were much little. Since it’s your birthday, you are allowed to munch as much as you want. Happy 4th birthday to you!
Wake up and get dressed up for today is your big day. It’s about time to throw the biggest 4-year-old party of all time. Happy 4th birthday to my cherished angel!
You are only 4, but you’re like a princess in a fairytale already, not because you need a prince charming yet, but because you are as magical as they are in books and in movies. Happy birthday to the most adorable 4-year-old in the world!
On your fourth birthday today, I only have four words to tell you – Happy 4th birthday sweetheart!
People say that turning four is filled with fun. I say, it is super duper extraordinary fantastic ever! So today on your fourth, I wish you nothing but the best 4th birthday!
This is your special day. Every second today is for you. After all, it’s your birthday, so let’s hear you roar, I’m 4, I’m 4 and I’m 3 no more! Happy 4th birthday!
Today is your day. It’s all about you. There are so many wonderful things you can do! Happy birthday!
If your birthday’s super cool and a special time for you, then every wish that’s in this card has come completely true! Have lots of fun on your birthday
Congratulations to the 4 year old princess! On your special b-day you can enjoy yourself today as a great queen. Wishing lots of fun for you and your friends!
There’s no better way to celebrate someone who is 4 years old! Happy 4th birthday!
Our princess has turned 4! Why are you in a hurry to grow up? I still enjoy you in that cute size where I can still carry you on my back and run like crazies. I love doing crazy things with you, and that will always be my favorite part of my every day. I wish all your wishes will come true. Love you to the moon and back, baby girl! Happiest birthday to you!
Enjoy your presents, enjoy your cake, enjoy the fun today will make! Happy birthday
That’s because you’re a BIG boy of 4. Happy 4th birthday!
Even though the room is full of adorable decorations and sweet treats but still you are the cutest, most adorable, and sweetest creature I have ever seen. I wish you will have a lifetime full of love and joy. I wish you will grow up to be a handsome young man. I know you will break hearts someday because look at you, even at a young age, you are incredibly charming! Happy birthday, my sweetest nephew. You filled our lives with vibrant colors. Love you so much!
It’s your fourth birthday and I have to say that I’m so fond of you in so many ways. Happy 4th birthday!
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Guess what makes you special today? Your birthday — you are now four. Happy 4th birthday!
May your birthday cake be covered in icing and dotted with 4 candles to blow. It’s the best way to celebrate someone who’s 4-years-old! Happy Birthday!
Light the candles, cut the cake, this is a very special date. A precious little girl is turning four. Here are birthday wishes for someone I adore. Happy 4th birthday!
A birthday should be speckled with lots of funny hats. May your birthday be the best birthday that a 4-year-old can get! Happy Birthday!
Have the greatest 4th birthday!
I heard you are always bringing home A’s and stars from school. You are such an achiever even at a young age. You always make us all proud in everything you do. Can’t wait to snuggle you later! Happy birthday, our little achiever. Continue dreaming big, dreams are limitless, remember that. Love you!
Hoping your birthday cake is four times bigger than the biggest cake in the world. That’s the only way to celebrate the birthday of my favorite 4 year old in the world. Happy 4th birthday!
Is it weird that I kind of remember my 4th birthday party? It was awesome! A room full of balloons, a room filled with my family and my kiddie friends. I hope you will have a birthday party that is as great as mine when I was a kid. I hope you will receive lots of gifts today. Happy birthday, kiddo!
This year, I hope your birthday is the very best birthday that a 4 year old <boy, girl> can have! Happy 4th birthday!
No cake nor sweets, nor cuddly stuffed toys can compete with your incredible cuteness and charm. I could squeeze you all day! I hope you will stay that cute forever, and I hope you will have a life with good health and filled with love. You are going to change the world someday. Continue being a blessing to everyone around you. Happy birthday!
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I hope all your birthday wishes come true. That’s my birthday wish for you, my precious 4 year old!
You may have aged another year older but since you are a kid, it’s a good thing! Wait until you are in your 30’s and you will not want to age another year. Kidding! Enjoy life, kid. There’s a lot of things in store for you in this world. You will be a great person someday.
Did you know that there is a special task every 4-year-old needs to do? There is no way to escape it and everyone has done it when they were at your age. I even did it before and it was one big job to do – to have fun and enjoy life starting today on your birthday celebration. Happy 4th birthday to you! Good luck on having fun!
They say time flies so fast, that is so true. Look at you, you are now 4! Wow, one blink and you’ll turn five. So enjoy every bit of this 4-year-old moments and do not skip having fun. Happy 4th birthday!
I know that you may have wished for cakes, treats, and toys, so on your 4th birthday, I want to make four life wishes for you. Since you hit 4 today, I wish you health, wealth, joy, and love. Happy 4th birthday my little darling!
They say too much sweet is bad for your health, I guess they’re right so just eat enough cake for your little tummy. May your special day be incredible and may you have a happy 4th birthday!
Isn’t it great that yesterday I turned 44 and now you’re turning 4? I wish both of us a long life filled with joy and laughter 4ever! Just embrace each delightful moment and remember to life your life to the fullest!
May your 4th birthday showers you with surprises and unforgettable moments. May your parents also spoil you with gifts and treats, I know they will! Have a very happy 4th birthday!
I hope that you’ll live a long life that is so happy and blessed, other than these 2, I’ve got nothing more to wish for, you’ve got everything that you needed in life. Happy 4th birthday to you!
I couldn’t believe that it has been four years already since you have joined our family. I wish for more amazing years to follow. To my lovely daughter, happy 4th birthday to you. Enjoy life and do not always forget to be a blessing to others.
To my dearest little angel, happy 4th birthday to you. I want to let you know that you are the best gift I have ever received in my life. On your birthday, I pray that you’ll only have joy, peace, and fun. I love you 4ever and ever!

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Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

You have entered into your life and we have given you a lot of pleasure. We will always wear you as a jewel that you are. Happy 4th birthday girl. Enjoy your day.
This year your fourth birthday will be filled with friends, fun and gifts! Happy 4th birthday!
You’re so amazing, you’re so funny and funny, even at this tender age. Whenever I remember your little tricks, I laugh so much. You look like your mother. Happy 4th birthday girl.
May your 4th birthday find you happy and as sweet as ever! Happy Birthday
Happy 4th birthday, princess. Your adorable smile has been my strength lately. I feel like I can do anything for you when I look at that smile.
Everything that your mom and dad are doing it all for you. Happy birthday, my child. You always have our love and support.
Happy 4th birthday, baby girl. You are such a beautiful child who is a little naughty, but that’s okay. We love you so much and only want the best for you.
You are the princess of your parents and God, enlighten your life and bless you with good luck. I wish you a nice 4th birthday.
For your birthday today, I would like to give you bags and bags of hugs and kisses and wish that all your dreams come true. We wish you a happy birthday and a great year
He has traveled a few steps, but he still has a long way to go. Go one step after another, as happy and light as you are today, celebrating this fourth birthday. Happy Birthday!
I wish you 4 years of a thousand smiles, a thousand occasions, and a thousand emotions. Spend a beautiful birthday and be so happy only you know how to do it!
It’s been 4 years now, and we all hope that your life is as happy as it has been since you were born! Happy Birthday!
Slowly, you’re already getting big. We hope that each day can be filled with joy like today. Lots of happy birthday greetings!
You are a princess, and in these 4 years, we have told you frequently. We hope to see you always happy and that your joy shines every day like today! Happy Birthday!
You have existed for 4 years, and you have taught us more things than we knew. We love you so much. Happy Birthday!
I think you lived 1460 days, you know? This is an important figure for a little girl. I wish you that you reach billions.
Especially for a 4-year-old, it is as sweet as possible. Here is a Happy Birthday puppy who likes to be hugged! Happy Birthday!
Before you know it, you will be very old. You think you are ready for it? Happy Birthday, 4 years!
Seeing a child up to four years old can be frustrating because you will think of many journeys that are waiting for them, but we are glad that you are with us. Happy 4th birthday!
Happy 4th birthday for an extremely smart little girl. Do not forget us when you make your first million! I wish you a happy birthday.
Eat these biscuits that I always sneak you, because you deserve to be happy for all this.
You are nothing like a cat, oh, especially 4 years old. You are like yourself and that makes you the best child of 4 years that we all know! Happy Birthday!
All the four years that I know, you are the least annoying. That’s why I love you. I know you will not understand what I am saying now. It makes no sense to send you a birthday card, but I thought you might want to look back when you’re old and that will prove I’m the best uncle ever. Happy 4th birthday, little guy!
Their growth is only a miracle for those strong members that once consisted of fragile bones.
Sweet little princess … 4 Celebrate a magical birthday today!
Happy 4th birthday. I wish you nice presents, a happy birthday party and lots of fun with your friends!

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

What a beautiful week, I clocked at 44 and yesterday at four. May our whole life be full of joy and life. Enjoy your most beautiful moments.
You are a little angel for me. Without you my life is without color. Have a fabulous 4th birthday, my pretty girl.
That your luck never ends, that you live a happy and fulfilling life, these are my main wishes for you when you reach the age of 4, my dear child, I love you!
From the first day, we knew you are something very special.You proved it was true.I wish you a very happy and memorable 4th anniversary.
May your 4th birthday be happier than your third, you are a blessing and we love you so much, continue to give us that beautiful smile forever and forever.
You are the best gift of my life.For that, I am grateful to GOD for giving me such a wonderful child.I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.
You had four years today. Do you know what that means? You are four times a little lady! Happy 4th birthday!
I wish you peace and pleasure for every moment of your life.May GOD give you packages of joy and happiness.I wish you a very happy and prosperous 4th anniversary
The fourth birthday has arrived full of emotion. We wish you a long life full of joy and happiness. Many good wishes!
You gave us 4 years of joy and excitement. The only wish we make today is that you can continue to donate these emotions every day of your life.
With love and affection, I can only wish you a happy birthday. I hope you can bring you joy and love for all this long journey that is life. Congratulations.
It’s been 4 years since the first time you opened your eyes. And from that moment, everything became even more beautiful—many good wishes from my heart.
4 years have passed. Years of games, tears, smiles, and so much joy that you have brought into our lives. Happy birthday, baby.
As you grow up, let the abundance of the Lord follow your path every day of your life, and nothing is ever wanting. Happy 4th birthday, darling.
Happiest birthday, my dear son. I might not be the best father in the world, but I will try to be the best version of myself for you.
Happy 4th birthday, son. Keep doing what you love; I am sure one day all these things will lead you to become a successful young man. I love you.
Happy birthday, my love. Your existence has made me the happiest person alive, and I never want you to go far away from me. Never forget that you are the most important person to me.
My child is a treasure from above, tied with fun and love packs. Your smile, your charm and your pretty face, just gives me joy and takes me into space. On your 4th birthday, I pray GOD to cover you with the best of happiness and health.
My child, in this busy world, time goes by so quickly. I am far from you and we can not see ourselves talking, sharing and just being together as much as we want .. but you are always in my heart. Wishing you a very happy 4th birthday.
It’s your special day. Every second today is for you. After all, it’s your birthday, so listen to you roar, I’m 4, I’m 4 and I’m 3 no more! Happy 4th birthday!
Children can become adults and get out of their toys and games, but in the hearts of parents. They are always children. I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.
We have many reasons to be happy and you are one, my dear child. I wish you a fabulous 4th birthday.
Congratulations to the 4 year old princess! On your special day, you can have fun today as a great queen. Wishing a lot of fun for you and your friends!
Children are a gift offered by GOD, but you my dear child, you are the best of all, the gifts never received. Thank you very much for being our child so charming. Wishing you a very happy 4th birthday.
You are the answer to all my questions, my cute little boy. Happy 4th birthday.
Because you can not know what to wish for, I want to make you four wishes today because you have spent four years, I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and a lot of love. Happy 4th birthday.

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