Top 50 Short Birthday Wishes for Friend and Family

Short Birthday Wishes : Today in this post we will share with you best Short Birthday Wishes for girl, boy, sister, brother, father, mother, friends, teacher and family. So here you can find all Short Birthday Wishes in same place so lets read out the our best Short Birthday Wishes for you to enjoy and wish to your birthday person in unique way so they can be impressed and make them for happy.

Short Birthday Wishes is the best way to celebrate birthday and put smile on birthday person.  Birthday is so special day for every person and they want to it celebrate in unique way that why you looking for Short Birthday Wishes. Do not worry we are here for your help to make this day a special in your life.

All Short Birthday Wishes are can be used for celebrate of birthday. You can share this all birthday wishes by just click on copy button and send to through any social media app like WhatsApp or facebook etc. So this is gonna fun to celebrate birthday with our wishes.

Let’s start to real best collection of Short Birthday Wishes..


Short Birthday Wishes

In the history of the world, there hasn’t been a friend that comes close to how amazing you are. Happy birthday!
You have always been there to support me in my times of need, so the least I can do is wish you for the best! Happy birthday!
Getting to be friends with you is the best gift you could have gotten me in every single one of my birthdays, so until you get yours for your special day, here is my best wish! Happy birthday!
They say that friends are the family we choose. So if this were Pokémon, I’d choose you! Happy birthday! I truly hope that all of your dreams come true because it is what a fantastic friend like you deserves! Happy birthday!
I know getting pretty gifts is terrific, but there is nothing more valuable than the heartfelt wish of a true friend! Happy birthday!
Since you are the only one that laughs at my joke, it is only natural I send you the best of wishes on that special day of yours! Happy birthday!
This friendship of ours is so treasured to me that it is almost like I’m living a dream! Happy birthday!
The only thing I can think about right now is how lucky I am to have you as my friend. So I am using the special day of yours to express to you how much I love you my friend! Happy birthday!
Another year, another challenge. Yet, you pulled through like you always do. You are the best friend I could have possibly hoped for. Happy birthday!
For as long as I can remember, you have been there for me to support me in my times of need like real You indeed are the best. Happy birthday!
It is impossible for me to express how much I am happy to be in this family and one of the reasons is you. Happy birthday!
They say that money makes the world go round, but family is what keeps the heart going. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday dear! I wish you a life full of true friendship, best companion, and unforgettable good memories!
Congratulations on your special day, darling! I want you to know that I will love you today, tomorrow and forever in my life.
Happy birthday to the best mom! You’re perfect and beautiful in every way and I’m proud of you. May your heart be flooded with the happiness and love!
With all my heart, I wish you a blessed and happy birthday! I know, God has a wonderful plan for a wonderful person like you.
Happy birthday, my son! Wish you peace, success and much love today and always. My blessings are with you always.
Happy birthday, dad! You’re my superhero, my friend, and my first love. May you spend a wonderful day with your dearest one!
My love, happy birthday! I Hope that today and every day may turn into an awesome day for you.
Dear friend, you are my secret keeper and my partner in naughtiness and mischief. Today is yours, so enjoy and have a blast! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Every day, may you get many reasons to smile! Warm hugs and kisses to you.
My dear, today I promise you, I’ll always be with you in all your thick and thin and will support all your madness. Happy birthday!
All the days become best when I spend it with you. You’re there in all my good memories. Happy birthday, my friend! Have an adventurous and enjoyable life!
Happy birthday, bro! You’re my brother from another mother and I’m very happy to share your friendship. Party all the day and enjoy every moment!
Happy birthday, dear. After all these years I still wonder could I actually see myself defriending you ever!
Congratulations buddy for another year of life! Enjoy, smile and dance madly as if no one is watching. Cheers!
Happy birthday, friend. On your birthday I have gifted myself the gift to ride shotgun with you whenever you drive!
Happy birthday, dude! Don’t run only after the money because there are also many precious things such as platinum, diamond.
My heartiest congratulations on your birthday, brother! May you conquer all your dreams and be very happy forever!
My friend, happy birthday! I know, as always you don’t want any gift from me because you consider me as the best gift of your life.
My dear friend, happy birthday! I may forget your birthday but know that I’ll always remember you because you are my true friend. Love you!
Happy Birthday, bro. You are much fiend-er than everyone give you credit for. Nevertheless, you are nowhere near to me!
Happy birthday to one of the very special person in my life! My friend, I’m blessed to have you in my life. May only the good things happen in your life!
My best friend, congrats on your birthday! Continue like this loving, caring, crazy, and mad. Love you so much and wish you a blissful life!
My childhood friend, with you, I had spent the most beautiful time of my childhood. Thanks for giving all the good memories. Wish you a very happy birthday!
Congrats buddy on your birthday! You have a permanent place in my heart and I’ll always be with you whenever you need. All the love and wishes for you!
Happy birthday, the most talkative friend! Truly speaking, without you, we spend a boring day and miss all your meaningless jokes. Be like this crazy and mad. All the best!
My friend cum sister, happy birthday! You’re an important part of my life and I hope that our friendship will always remain as strong as today. Count on me always. Good wishes!
Happy Birthday, buddy. I have realized that you are my best friend after sleeping on it for at least 10 years!
You are naive! All the evidence to the contrary you are the imp of our circle. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday, friend! I always think that it’s totally unfair to celebrate the birthday of a person like you only once a year.
Congratulations for stepping up another year towards the old age. Keep smiling as long as you have teeth.
Happy birthday, my sister! Don’t worry much if you have trouble walking, or have back pain or joint pain. Because it’s very normal at this age.
My dear brother, happy birthday! I’ve brought a big cake for you but didn’t buy any candles because they will not fit in the cake.
My dear friend, happy birthday! Don’t try to do any plastic surgery to hide your age because it can cause harm and give you pain.
You always say that love is enough to be a happy person. So I brought only my love for you instead of any gift because I want your happiness. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday dear! Some suggestions for you: don’t try to change the past, avoid laughing at the things which are not funny, and finally forget the gifts because I didn’t get any.
Happy birthday, brother! I’ve brought a mirror to gift you so that you can realize that you’re getting old. All the best for your old life!
Today, a lot of people in the world are celebrating their birthday, but I only have come to your party to congratulate you. You don’t need to thanks me for this honor, because we’re friends after all.
Happy birthday, sister! Actually, I’ve forgotten that it’s your 25th birthday and put the number in the wrong order on the cake.
May good luck keep showering over you around the clock! Happy Birthday, dear.
You’re the biggest reason for my happiness. Happy birthday, dear! Enjoy your special day with much fun by leaving all the worries aside.
The only way to bag success is to set a goal and knuckle down on accomplishing that goal. God bless you and Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday, my friend. Carpe diem and never let negativity affect you!
Happy birthday, dear! Be thankful to God for your existence in this beautiful world. May no sadness and unhappiness come into your life!
Happy Birthday dear sister! Thank you for always reading between my lines and supporting me. Love you.
Happy birthday! Start your new year with the promise to be better each day and always choose the right path.
Today you’re celebrating your date of birth and I’m here to wish you a very happy birthday, my friend! May God bless you with much wisdom, success, and happiness!
Congratulations my friend for completing another year of life! You’re not only my best friend, you’re my sister by heart. Wish you a day filled with a lot of love, surprises, and gifts!
The new sun is about to dawn and hope that it’ll bring new rays of hopes in your life. Happy birthday, son!
Happy birthday to you! This special day, I give you a wish, ever so short and sweet. May your life be blessed and joyful, now and always!
It’s your birthday, and so I wish you a great, awesome, and wonderful birthday celebration surrounded with your loved ones. Happy birthday!
Wow, it’s your birthday again, huh? Well, here’s to being one year older officially! Happy birthday and God bless!
Remember when we all wanted to grow up and be adults faster? Now that we have it we just can’t wait to wish it back! Happy birthday to the both of us.
Happy birthday to my best friend! We really ought to catch up soon, and maybe then I’ll treat you to a birthday meal. Have a blast!
Finding someone like you in this world is a task that is next to impossible. This is why I want you to live as much as possible so I can spend more time with you! You are the best! Happy birthday!
It is amazing how even after all these years, you are still this beautiful, caring and brilliant person you have always been. Don’t ever change. Happy birthday!
Even though it’s your birthday, today is a special occasion for the entire family. Keep making us proud like you always do. Happy birthday!
From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely hope that this day ends with a big smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. Happy birthday!
No matter the path you choose to follow in this life, I sincerely hope that it brings you the happiness you desire. Because it is what you deserve for making everyone happy in this family, from the day you were born. Happy birthday!
Every time we sit together at the family table, you make the visit worthwhile. With your wonderful intellect and your fantastic humor, you indeed are a family member to be proud of. Happy birthday!
Having the honor to share the same last name as you is one of the best things I could have hoped for. You make all the family meetings worthwhile! Happy birthday!

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